Good pub to watch Arsenal *outside* north London?

Hey I really want to watch the match today with other arsenal fans but I don’t have time to make it up north to a pub in highbury area (1hr + on the tube…) . I am looking for a pub more central/south perhaps near Peckham (where I work) ??? Excuse me if this is a stupid question I’m not from England just here visiting and thought there might be such a place… or is that area strictly “some other team’s”… (?)

would love to watch amongst other drunk gooners rather than in some neutral pub!


Clapham area also good… hope this isn’t a real long shot :slight_smile:
…fuckin work on sundays rrrr…

I don’t really kbow the Clapham or Peckham areas quite well enough to say if there are an pubs there that are known to be Arsenal hangouts. I doubt there are any that specifically are. But what with this being London, and the match being in Newcastle, it’s not likely that there’ll be any pubs with opposition fans. They’ll be neutral/mostly Arsenal anyway.

@Cristo are you ever out and about round Clapham way and can you help a brother out?

Sorry I can’t be more help, but I’d just use Match Pint to find the best looking pub showing it and go with that (if you don’t have time to make it up to Finsbury Park)

Best of luck

I don’t know Peckham at all but The Landor in Clapham would be a good shout. It’ll be busy and loud but they’ve got plenty of screens and punters so the atmosphere should be good.

Otherwise The Temperance in Putney is where I usually go to watch Arsenal, it’s a pretty neutral pub for the most despite being in Fulham territory.

The Durrell Arms in Fulham on fulham road would be another good shout, though lots of Aussies.


My friend says the Rye in Peckham is proper Arsenal @TheLamb