Gonzalo Higuaín


Juve are masters of the transfer window. 3 or 4 high quality seasons from Higuaín and it’s worth it.

To sign an established top 3-5 striker in the world in his prime without being named Barcelona or Real Madrid is great stuff.


Watching players we should have bought 2 seasons ago- go to other top clubs is nothing short of fucking torture!


Why wasn’t transfer prices this mad when we were the selling club?
Would have done massive favour to our stadium financing.


While that would have reduced the burden of the stadium financing, it would have only resulted in even more frustration amongst the fans than there is now because then we would have had more money, for a longer period of time, and still not done what was needed in terms of the players we need to compete.


It sounds so naive and stupid too make something as unpredictable and variable as transfers a part of something massive as like financing a stadium debt. A bit weird more people didn’t fell over that, because of the reputation of this club being sound and smart. Risky/stupid business almost I would say. But whatever.


The current inflationary cycle has been going on for a while and is far from done yet . Huge fees paid to small Clubs for the very top star players have meant smaller clubs like N17 and Napoli have suddenly a load of cash to blow and selling clubs responded to up their prices for more mundane players which then prompts the big boys to offer even more as the levels go up.
Hoarding Cash in such times of rampant inflation is kind of of dumb because as we have seen Higauin was advertised for 25 million 3 years ago and is now valued at over 90 …thats some appreciation !


Has he signed for Juve yet the absolute dick.


I was just saying in jest.
Had the market been this mad, we would have been forced to take out similar proportion of money for our purchases from our sale ; so it wouldn’t have made any difference.


Best defence in Europe? Add Benatia to further strengthen it knowing Barzagli is in his mind 30s and Rugani is still a little bit raw.

Identify an issue with cretivity in the midfield? Sign Pjanic, one of the best in his position in Europe.

Feel like you need that additional firepower to push you closer to European glory despite having a talented strike force? Add one of the top 3 strikers in the world to your squad sparing no cost knowing it will greatly increase your chances of winning the big European trophy and continue to dominate domestically.

Feel like your club could do with an exciting young European talent with bundles of potential? Sign Pjaca, an exciting and young talent who could turn out to be one of the finest players in Europe one day.

That is what I call a proper transfer window. One of the strongest squads in Europe just added a host of very good players to an already very good squad.


Seen quite a bit of Pjaca (not just against us). Don’t think he is all that.

I am curious about Rugani.
How good do you think he can be? Lot of hype about him couple of seasons ago.


Rugani is one of the best young CBs in Europe. I have no doubt about that. And he’s learning from a master in Barzagli, a seasoned veteran in Chiellini and the best ball playing defender in Europe in Bonucci. He’s in good hands


That’s a good point, Higuain is good for 4-5 more top seasons in Italy, maybe that will help people understand why Juve would splash that cash on him.


But then again Persie was 29 when he joined United as well.
Gave them only one world class season.

Higuain giving 4 seasons worth of high quality performance is very much possible, considering he never had fitness issues like Persie’s and is more natural a goalscorer (i.e. doesn’t rely on a system to be a goal scorer.); but it’s not a certainty.


I think most of us are a little bit more excited about Juves potentrial squad than our lack of potential current one !


I know i am for a fact


That was mainly because he was a sulky cunt and didn’t bother his hole when Moyes came in.

In summation rvp is a cunt.


RVP is a cunt indeed :smiley:


Last season yeah they were pretty broken.

Tbh I put Higuain just one cut below the Suarez, Aguero, Benzema bracket. He’s just not a complete enough player for me to put him in that tier but I guess this gets into a philosophical argument about what you want in a striker.

That’s true about longevity vs. current form @SRCJJ , I’ve been guilty of this before myself. I won’t get into an argument about PEA/Higuain because I don’t watch enough of either, mainly know Higuain from his Madrid days ofc and Argentina games, but again,Higuain is not the most complete of players, and I think his outstanding goal tallies (which are absolutely no fluke, in terms of predators/pure strikers he’s the best arond) maybe make people a little too confident in calling him better than different types of forwards like PEA, Aguero, Benzema. It’s much harder, ofc, to measure goals that wouldn’t’ve been scored if it weren’t for a player’s movement/creation of space/pass before assist/eliminating a defender 1v1 than it is to measure the ones that are scored by that player himself, so yeah…anyways, like I said, this quickly becomes a philosophical argument.


This is part of what Goal impact tries to do right? Which has Benzema in the top 20 of all time.