Gonzalo Higuaín


Perfect. Put me on ignore and don’t initiate discussion with me.
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Castiel on a roll tonight :grinning:.


Be decisive.
You want to discuss and you also want to not discuss.

It’s hard to keep up. Best you don’t quote me.


He’s lovely to hug also, x


Castiel is just being so darn funny tonight, I can only imagine the scenes in whatever hole he’s hiding in right now…


At least with my new avatar I have proof it is not me in that meme.


@Castiel has become the new Bavin


I thought Bavin was actually funny though, wasn’t he?


@Trion come on dude, the market evolves and right now the prices are only going up. “World Class” players, whatever that means, aren’t going to cost 30-50m in this market, they’re going to cost 60m-80m. We bought Xhaka for 45m Euro and I wouldn’t say that he’s in the top 5 for his position in the world. These high fees are the new normal.


Funereal atmosphere here. My dad is depressed and with him all the people who I know and who support Napoli. The only one happy is my cousin, he was born in Naples but supports Juventus.


People in the South supporting a more successful team from the North… why does that ring a bell?


Last I checked we’re making about £100m a year and sitting on nearly £200m in cash.

We could spend £75m on a 28 year old Higuain (and that was just his clause, we might have been able to get him for a little less) and £35m on a Xhaka every season and only make a relatively small loss (and you could argue this would be covered in prize money, sponsorships, shirt sales, image rights) and that would probably be at worst breaking even if you were selling players too (there will obviously be an increase to the wage bill).

We’ve still got time to make deals so I’m not panicking but if we yet again don’t sign a striker capable of starting and it comes to Giroud or Higuain starting on September 1st then I don’t think it we can sit here and laugh at how Juventus actually went and splashed some cash this one time when they happen to have loads of it right now.

A question I’ll ask for those saying Juventus are being stupid here - what do they do with the money? They’re losing one of their top players for probably a world record fee and they were forced to lose a forward through a clause, so who do they buy to still compete with the elite of Europe? If you go to every club in Europe with £75m in your pocket, what’s the best you’ll get?


Outside of Arsenal fans i think you’d struggle to find many fans who think spending money when you have it is a bad idea.


But every club fan is out there protesting for high ticket prices.
If they were not doing so, I wouldn’t care what clubs pay for players.

You can’t have it both ways.

If you lot are like ‘I don’t care if i pay 100pounds per match’; I will surely have no leg to stand on & will urge Arsenal to pay 100m for next Pogba.

I am not at all affected by either transfer price or ticket price; but I am just puzzled by the hypocrisy.


100m is revenue, not Profit.
Arsenal’s profit would be in range of 20-40m.


Can’t believe the posters having the gall to question Juventus here. Get real you delusional fucks. They have the fucking money, they’re spending the fucking money on the highest quality and it will almost certainly pay off.

They’ll continue winning their league, they’ll continue to challenge in Europe, they’ll still maintain their finances and their brand will not suffer but only grow.

You think your irrelevant dinosaur views are above the forces of the real market? NO ONE IS ABOVE THE MARKET. You are the market’s bitch. Humble yourself before it.


Well maybe you are more clued up than I am but please explain this:

How did we spend “a record £114m on new players” and make “a profit of £25m”?

Where is the flaw in my logic that in the next season where we spend only £10m on new players (or £15m+ if that’s including wages, not sure), that all that other money has gone somewhere? What happens to all the other money?


Talking to Trion and arsenal finances explained in 2 seconds.


Our revenue is more like 350m…