Gonzalo Higuaín


It is stupid because of the amount they paid.
I want Higuain here, but not that amount.


Exactly. Which begs the question what are we saving our money for? FFP to kick in? The future that quickly becomes the present and the past?


We don’t want too upset squad cohesion… What a mad thing it would be if this side would actually get a proper quality injection for once.


I’m definitely an advocate for spending more liberally but 94 million Euros just isn’t good business, if we do wait till it expires and offer 50 million pounds Napoli would be mad to pass it up.


They had the cash so they spent it, as a result they’re massive contenders in the CL now. The money paid won’t look stupid if they lifting a CL, of course there’s no guarantee of success but signing Higuain shows strong intent for continental glory. They’ve been close in the past and now you can argue that their side is much more rounded and offensively strong than ever before


The reason people wanted Schneiderlin was because he was better than Flamini, and if he had come here we might not have lost so many points.


£75m in 3 years time will look like £45m 3 years ago. Every time we say “woah! not for that money!” the players we’re after end up costing that sort of money anyway after a while.

You choose to pay that sort of money, or choose to not get a top striker. It would appear that Juventus have made the decision to get a top striker so you can’t really fault them for that.

I wonder if we’d have been interested had he had this season and still been 26/27. Something tells me no.


And there you have it.

Some need to realise if Aguero , Lewandowski et al had been on the market these are the kind of figures that would be touted.

The days of bagging a world class striker for around £40-£50mil are over, Pogba’s impending transfer to United will put paid to that.

Also there’s clearly a dearth of avaliable world class strikers in world football driving the price up we’ve further.


They lost a young Pogba, spending most from that transaction to get an aging Higuain, trade one to get one, how will that make them a massive contender in the CL??


They’ve already signed Pjanic, there midfield without Pogba is still brilliant.


There is believe under some Juventus fans, and they have been saying this for a long time not just now that they are selling him, that Pogba is the most replaceable star they have. In that regard they consider this not as the biggest of losses. Also Pjanic PLUS Higuain for Pogba…

They are on a win-now trajectory, mostly because of Buffon. Buffon is 38 and Barzagli 35. The signing of Dani Alves also says a lot about their current ambitions. He’s supposed to be at his peak age.

On paper they can do without selling Pogba btw. But then they have to fetch a good amount of money for Zaza/ Hernanes/Pereyra.



The people here complaining about the cost of Higuain just really annoy me. Seriously, you’re football fans stop worrying about balancing the fucking books. It’s not our money, so let our club actually spend it for once.

Arsenal fans are obsessed with money.


If there is one thing the Italians know how to do well it’s mob mentality. Well that and pizza.


It is though. Atleast people who purchase season tickets.


You’d rather it sit in the bank and collect interest?


No ofcourse not but we need some sanity in this madness.
Surely 70-80m for Higuain is too much, don’t you think?

I am completely okay with 30-50m on world class players. Even 60m if they are of right age but Higuain is 29 in few months.


There’s absolutely no correlation you tit. Our ticket prices are high because we are a greedy corporation, it has absolutely nothing to do with our transfer kitty. The only thing the two issues have in common is that the club has no hesitations about treating lifelong and dedicated fans like dirt.


Spoken like an uneducated homeless.
There is a big correlation between expenses & income.

Transfer prices & wages are expenses and Ticket revenue is income.

Doesn’t take a genius to know that.
We have gone through this discussion thoroughly, yet you wish to be ignorant.


Yeh, well, your mum lets me live with her and she’s teaching me how to read so fuck you.