Gonzalo Higuaín


Complete shit move for Napoli fans, but one that makes Juventus serious contenders in Europe again next season.


Well if Juve pay the full release clause Napoli can’t do a thing about it…I’d be annoyed if they have agreed to accept something less. We were never going to pay £80m for a single player who is 28 and will be 29 in December.


Sky report says the clubs are still in negotiations over the fee, so maybe no done and dusted yet…there could be time if we are monitoring developments…I’m clutching! seriously clutching at straws!


Medical was completed yesterday.


BUT no fee agreed. Assume Napoli insist on £79m buyout clause, that must mean that Juve need to complete the Pogba deal with Man Utd before they can complete Higuain


So Juve are spending nearly all their Pogba money on a 29yo overweight player. He’s a world class striker of the ball but his declining pace will show up sooner rather than later.


He doesn’t rely on pace, and he’s not overweight either, you keep on banging about age (he’s 28 btw) but the fact is he is at his prime and if he can fire them to the CL title within his tenure they won’t care about the money.

Also to be frank in this market and current landscape of football where there’s a dearth of available world class strikers it’s money well spent.


Well, time to shut up shop in the Higuain thread until next summer then.


£80m is alot to play and Higuain is not worth £80m.

PEA on the other hand IMO would be worth £80m…


They’ll probably end up spending the equivalent of the Pogba money on Pjanic and Higuain, maybe a little more.

That’s not bad business for a club looking to push on in Europe in the here and now.

Don’t forget it also destroys their nearest competition domestically, there’s got to be value in that more than just crunching numbers.


Higauin is better than PEA.

So yeah I don’t agree.


He’ll be 29 by the start of the season, he’s got slower in the last few years and yes he’s gained some serious beer belly going on. RVP didn’t rely on pace either, we saw how that turned out. Any striker losing a yard will score less.

And they aren’t winning the CL anytime soon


Not sure how you can gauge that he’d got slower I’ve been watching him since his earlier Real days and there’s not much of a difference putting aside when he got the back injury.

Concerning the CL stranger things have happened and they’re a quality side that will be contenders but since you seem to know everything I’ll take your word for it.


Most of their squad have 2-3 years before they hit the retirement home. So how wise spending the majority of your budget on a 29yo is yes questionable


Not sure if Napoli was going to challenge Juve in any way if they lost Higuain to any club really, so if you ask me it doesn’t really make a difference from a sporting point of view.

For the fans of course it’s different, but they’d be up in arms too if they sold him for less to richer Premier League clubs.


Completely disagree…not sure what you are smoking mate…no way Higuain is better than PEA - still you were fapping about Schneiderlin all last summer and you were wrong on that one as well…


I’m still laughing at the thought that we reckoned we could offer them 30 m plus Giroud .
Cheeky fuckers aren’t we ,desperate but not serious !


You ask anyone who the top three strikers are in world football are they going to put PEA in there? Nope but Higauin sure is.

He isn’t getting in, only thing he has over Higuain is pace and counter attacking threat don’t make me laugh.

Pretty much everyone for United was shit last season, it’s called being played under a dinosaur we’ll see what he can do under a capable manager eh?


There’s something to be said for not strengthening a direct rival, better for there to be a slight chance if any than remove all doubt and sell them one of the top three strikers in the world right now.


Questionable to who? Because if it’s not questionable to Juve then who cares? You’re that judgy, hipster, pretending like there is some kind of competition for not spending money kind of Arsenal fan. Yawn. Go kiss your 4th place trophy and a copy of our cash reserves statement. And my ass.