Gonzalo Higuaín


The sources seemed poor from the get go. Just another hypothetical discussion about how good a striker other than Giroud could be for Arsenal with no actual evidence to suggest the striker is even a realistic acquisition. At least with Vardy something was happening. This is just Twitter wankers and slows news day merchants having a field day. But we already knew that. Other clubs fans get to talk about actual activity and we’re just making shit up and indulging every bullshit news report just to have something to clamour about year after year. Start taking interest in other sports guys, you picked a hopeless team to be following 24/7.


Chelsea might be in need of another striker soon, Atletico president has said they’re close to resigning Costa.


I use someone else’s (my old man’s) season ticket. Does that count? I am on the waiting list still due to a fuck up.

Whilst I do agree with @oompa,I do admit that season ticket holders have more right to whinge and complain; a lot is paid in both money and time.

@Drayton, it’s your argument structure that lets you down, too many elbows to the head in Highbury’s old clock end?

The Giroud/Higuain swap deal isn’t happening. The only way Higuain is owning to Arsenal is through direct transfer.


For the rumored price a top class winger and a young and upcoming striker wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Sadly I can’t really see it as an option for Arsenal as the players who are already at the club (but don’t perform) aren’t going to be moved on.


I wasn’t comparing the situations of the players coming in, just pointing out how the exact same thing was said right before the Özil signing. As in a great deal of fans gave it ZERO chance.

The implicit point would be that, although I don’t have faith in him to do it consistently enough to get the job done, I don’t put it past Arsène making a strong, intelligent move in a given moment. Even Xhaka is perhaps somewhat an example of this.

But yeah, if you take out that middle line in your post there, you could find those exact same sentiments “How long have people been following Arsenal?” and “This literally has zero chance of happening” peppered about the forum in the summer of 2013 (museum) poo pooing rumours like Özil.


@Arsenal , yesterdays rant was partly at you .
The “if you dont like it go elsewhere” did rile me . I was there way before Wenger Kroenke et all and God willing I will be long after. whats more I accept the status quo at Arsenal too but I dont have to like it .
The Higauin deal isnt going to happen in my opinion ,Im convinced of it , Il even have a bet on it if anyone wants !
As for structure letting me down ,I couldnt give a flying fcuk I write as I feel not to be adored !
Trust this clears it up !


ADL came out and said that Juventus will not sign Higuain. Rumours are that Napoli will offer Higuain a 2 million euro raise in salary and lower the release clause to 40 million euros starting next summer to give him the freedom to move at the age of 29 going on 30.

If we don’t sign him I’d love him to continue his work under Sarri at Napoli.


Has another manager brought you so much joy though?
I doubt it.

All I am saying is if you end up hating something so much, to the point where you can’t see the fun in it all, then what’s the point?

I’m not suggesting you give up, but take some perspective, and engage with it, rather than become a grumpy old man who no one can have a chat with.

This is a community.


@Arsenal , seriously fella get over yourself , I dont hate anything and I do have fun at football so you have me wrong .
Please let me know how to engage and discuss with people who call you a cunt ,im interested to know that one ?
I put a comment out there and wham bang you and oompah jump down my throat and then you have the gall to say I should engage , thats funny , really it is !
please dont lecture or judge me, you have no moral high ground to stand on and like me your just another brick in the wall !

Lastly it might surpise you but I dont hate wenger and Im on record time and again as saying that under him ive seen football id never thought id see . Been to a champions league final which I never thought I would ever go to with Arsenal . But that was then and this is now ,we need to move with the times but instead we are stuck in a time warp . Im not calling for his head he will see out this contract and another . If he could only change he could still be a winner again but he is more stubborn than ever and we drift along making the same mistakes over and over again.


All sorted then.

Higuain, what a player.


Yea see no you didn’t put a comment out there and wham bang you’re attacked, victim hat off. You had 14xx posts and 13xx of them were demoralising crying. Read your own post history. Even on subjects that have changed, like our transfer methods. This is not one post, you’re in the four figures by now.

I definitely don’t mind anyone thinking and expressing that Wenger/the board/player X are bellends, plenty of posters here feel that way, some who I love. But when that’s all you do everywhere you’re just dumping and eventually good posters like Sol bail because it gets toxic, every topic is consumed by crying. And I have pointed this out several times to you and at first not aggressive at all, I absolutely did not open with ‘cunt’. You earned that over time.


oompa your a keyboard coward ,dont try and bait me anymore unless you want to schedule a meeting to clear the air ,theres a good chap !
Have a nice day !


Sigh. Ok whatever I’m done. Carry on crying then grandpa. I tried.

This is probably you right now in front of your 4:3 monitor:

Pollute away then, I won’t bother you further “tips hat”.


Hiya guys, been a long time.

Anyway. I’d jump at a £50m Higuain, but that fee with a swap would weaken our squad by not having Olivier, and the release clause fee is ridiculous.


Your permission is of great value to oompa !
Love the pic made me chuckle :smiley:


Wenger the great Uniter. Get this guy out of here and get someone in that wants to improve OUR team. Not Wenger that just wants to play with HIS team.

I’m tired of the division amongst the fans. I’m just fucking tired in general. And bored. Really bored with Arsenal now more than ever.


Wohoo our first fight on the new OA. The site is officially christened.


“I’m tired of the division amongst the fans. I’m just fucking tired in general. And bored. Really bored with Arsenal now more than ever.”

Fret not, dear Morris. Spend 90 minutes at a certain N17 location and come back refreshed.:wenger:


“Grown” men keyboard fighting over the internet :joy:


[quote=“Midfield_Maestro, post:298, topic:233, full:true”]
Wohoo our first fight on the new OA. The site is officially christened.
[/quote]Now does it begin to feel more OA like? :wink: