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Great to see Tiger looking fit again and playing so well after his latest op. His determination and work rate to succeed has been off the scale.

A good number of our current squad (fortunately not all) could learn a thing or two from this attitude.

Ffs :joy:

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Yes Tiger is such a superb role model.

Tiger Woods has had a car crash. Multiple leg injuries and receiving major surgery now.

No good, hopefully makes a full recovery.

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Sounds really bad. A mate of mine had a compound fracture of the leg skiing a couple of years ago. Had a metal peg screwed into his knee to help it mend but when he was allowed he still couldn’t do a proper follow through on his golf swing onto his left leg late last Summer.

Almost certain it’s the end of Tiger’s chances to add to his major titles even if his latest back surgery works.

Very sad to see his career finish this way. A sometimes flawed but hugely gifted genius on the golf course.

It’s taken me about 16 years and a lot of work to get down to a 7 handicap with my dodgy old back and it’s been a bloody impossible game for me at times. How these guys shoot below par on a regular basis on super long, hard tour set ups is beyond me. Always sad when you see the end of the line for a once in a generation talent like this, especially in these circumstamces.


Yeah true legends transcend rivalry or in this case sports.
Tiger Woods is definitely one of them mercurial talents that you just have to count yourself privileged to have seen.


A true legend of the game, probably the best of all time considering the amount of competition in today’s modern game. He forced his competition to take their training and fitness more serious. In hindsight he should have chosen not to fix his back through surgery, which should had given him a few more years at the very top.

Shame his legacy has been tarnished by his private life actions. But considering his upbringing and the pressure people put on him early on (his own as well) it’s hardly a surprise he eventually snapped.


Tiger Woods and John Daly were the only two pros that ever made golf interesting. I can easily leave some golf on as background but it was only when Tiger was at his peak that I was actually interested in watching the game.

His comeback win at Agusta a couple of years back is one of the best sporting stories of the last ten years.

There is a decent podcast series on him (All American) which is worth a listen albeit it has that reporting style that will annoy people but it’s good and it gives you an insight into the kind of pressure and media attention he had on him as a young professional.

I hope he recovers and even if his chances of ever really competing again are now at an end I really hope we see him on the Augusta course again some day.