Golden globes

Its awards season so whose the winners and shakers…So far…

I thought Goliath was half decent…Billy bob deserved his award…Also Hugh Laurie for The Night Manager…these are off IMBD

La La Land is pissing the awards so far.

Ryan Gosling born London brought up in Cornwall…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Brits are having a good night…well deserved…

Another brit win…Shame her last name hasnt got an S on the end of it…


Wow. 7 for La La Land.

Talking of Golden Globes, I wouldn’t mind a feel of Emma Stone’s.

I know footballers live in a bubble but the acting fratenity are something else.
Take scripts away from them and put them at these functions and their a motley bunch of egotistical cunts for me.

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Good to see Glover win something. Gives me faith he’s going to smash that young Lando Calrisian role :grin: