Golazo :oof:


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He might not win best goal but in a "who ate all the pies competition, McAffee would be right up there.

Outrageous from McAfee. Wearing 1 as an outfielder.

Quel beau


I think he’s left footed btw… :ooo: :wright2:

Thought he was older too.

Will be interesting to see how he does at Borussia if he joins, apparently very close.

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Lol, yeah. I thought he must be 23 by now but he’s still 20.

The irony is that Cherki has been an abysmal finisher so far in his career. Its a tiny sample but 6 goals on an XG of 12, that’s Timo Werner at Chelsea level shit.

He’s a pretty good finisher in FIFA(sorry, EA FC). :rofl:

Should we really be impressed by a pro doing regular pro practice?

Considering it’s his weaker foot I’m quite impressed

Which is another pet peeve of mine - If your entire life is about kicking the ball, be able to kick the ball with both feet.

It’s like me, whose job is mostly on a laptop, being unable to type with my left hand.

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Anyone can do that with no pressure on the ball