Goal of the Month - September 2016

We scored 16 times in September. Which one is your favourite?

#What’s your goal of the month?

  • Walcott vs Basel 2-0
  • Walcott vs Basel 1-0
  • Ozil vs Chelsea 3-0
  • Walcott vs Chelsea 2-0
  • Sanchez vs Chelsea 1-0
  • Chamberlain vs Forest 4-0
  • Perez vs Forest 3-0
  • Perez vs Forest 2-0
  • Xhaka vs Forest 1-0
  • Xhaka vs Hull 4-1
  • Sanchez vs Hull 3-1
  • Walcott vs Hull 2-0
  • Alexis vs Hull 1-0
  • Alexis vs PSG 1-1
  • Cazorla vs Southampton 2-1
  • Koscielny vs Southampton 1-1

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Don’t remember the goals? Well I don’t have the time to post all the clips here, so find them yourself.

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Walcott vs Chelsea was just everything good about Arsene Wenger. A special goal, special moment, very nostalgic, 20 years etc. It’s such a bog standard finish, but that makes it better because by that point 5 players had ripped them apart.

Xhakas was amazing and I’m sure it’ll be in the mix come goal of the season time but as an Arsenal fan Walcott’s goal is just what Arsenal do but executed perfectly and I can’t think of many like it since Jack got that one against Norwich(?maybe?) off of a great move.

We have scored many nice and important goals in this month, it’s hard to choose.

About the importance, I could choose Alexis vs PSG.

About the style, I could choose Walcott vs Chelsea.

…but I loved the 3-0 scored against Chelsea by Ozil.

Walcott vs Chelsea. For how good the play was and for the fact we were beating Chelsea 2-0!!!

:ozil2: vs. Chelsea.

[quote=“Bl1nk, post:1, topic:770”]
Don’t remember the goals? Well I don’t have the time to post all the clips here, so find them yourself.
[/quote]@I_W would find them all, you lazy bastard :wink:

Anyways, some outstanding goals this month. Walcott’s goal against Chelsea was a simply brilliant bit of team work. While Xhaka’s absolute rocket against Hull was a delight. Very difficult to pick between the two.

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The slicing demolition job of Chelsea otherwise known as Walcott makes it two.

Arsenal at their very very best.

Özil vs Chelsea for how he trolled Kante, then trolled Luiz, then trolled Cahill, then trolled Curtois and finally trolled me as I thought he would miss the goal with the volley lol

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