General Squad thread

The more I look at this squad the more the feeling I get high profile signings will not be done this summer.

We have just given Cech #1. Our front two will be Ozil and Aubameyang. On the wings we can rotate Lacazette and Mkhitaryan. Ramsey is 27 years old and Xhaka 25. Both in or nearing their prime years. It’s unclear at this point if Mustafi will leave. Obviously the composition of the squad can change quickly. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsenal give it a go with the current crop and smaller additions like Lichtsteiner, Sokratis and Adli.

Sadly I agree, at its hard to imagine us finishing much better than 6th if that is indeed the case.

Don’t have an issue with it to be honest. Chances of high profile are limited due to our standing anyway. Always thought the assembled squad had more in it than we were seeing so excited to see how that plays out either way with an addition or two.


For sure.

I believe there is real quality in this squad and that a new manager with a new style and tactics will be able to get a lot more out of this team. I think the team had become too complacent under Wenger and his expired methods.

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So it’s ok not to sign a great player now Wenger is gone?

People are banging about not doing top signings regularly, but now it is ok.

Nothing to do with Wenger being gone. Are we filling gaps and making improvements is what matters. Something Wenger consistently failed to do.

If Unai can get more out of players than Arsene could, then not signing big names on a regular basis is fine by me. Surely it’s performance and results that matter.

In fairness, we’ve not yet been promised ‘top, top qwalitee’ signings by Unai either, though I would love to hear his pronunciation.


That doesn’t address what I said.

We already have a good squad. We just need a manager to get them working. Wenger didn’t utilise them properly.

Only thing missing is a good 1v1 player IMO.

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Yeah it’s the 1v1 knife duels in Rust that have really been letting the team down, seriously need to buck up on that



People were also banging on about Wenger’s lack of tactics, lack of attention to the defense, signing too many similar players, not taking the opposition into account when preparing for a major game etc. We hope and expect Emery to address all those problems, and if he does, who knows, we might not need those big name players as the existing players might deliver better results. If he doesn’t, expect the knives to be out for him too.

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I disagree.

Should try to get Pulisic.

The only big name signing we need in my opinion is a Gk other than that the likes of Soyuncu, Torreira & Pavon would sort our squad out nicely.



Training starts next week. With Cech and Ramsey. Expected Cech to be gone tbh.


Fuck them all, for real.

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That’s sad really. The kid is standing right there watching them walk past without even looking at him.

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He looks to be rather well camouflaged.

It’s not all the team though as it’s made out.
There’s nothing malicious in it just players being oblivious.
I’m sure he ended up meeting the players and getting autographs. Nothing to see.

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