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I have no idea on what planet people believe this is true. Genuinely in a conventional war Russia would no longer be able to knock out Poland by itself.

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You are trying (as always) to start a discussion, which I wasn’t part of :slightly_smiling_face: I highlighted your hypocrisy regarding slow responses :slightly_smiling_face: Now go post another false statement instead :slightly_smiling_face:

As I thought. You are another hypocrite unable to condemn U.S. violation of sovereign nations. :slight_smile:

Ah I see - Israel Palestine conflict is complicated.

But Russia Ukraine is not complicated :rofl:

man - it’s crazy the cognitive dissonance here.

Israel and US (I include the US here, because Israel is only alowed to get away with it because the US pets and strokes their head letting them go on) absolutely have crossed all lines and disregard all morality by killing more than 20.000 people of which 1/3rd are children in Gaza. Nothing complicated about it.

This is Gaza:

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Like I said, your trying to drag me into a discussion I’m not part of :slightly_smiling_face: Man your thick :slightly_smiling_face:

You entered the discussion by engaging to one of the posts between me and Invincibles. :slight_smile:

It’s ok, your silence to a simple question provides the answer: Hypocrisy.

Like I’ve said, you are trying to pull me into a discussion I’m not part of :slightly_smiling_face: I believe you can read so I don’t have to repeat myself again :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I was pretty clear in my reply to you above in respect of my views on Israel/Palestine that I am on neither side. The situation is both horrific and complicated (because of the history) and seems almost impossible to solve. I’m not defending either sides actions or downplaying the consequences of the conflict, so do not misrepresent what I’ve said and denigrate my comments.

Taking this back to where we started…the war is Ukraine is relatively simple, in that Russia invaded and Ukraine are defending their country and seeking to defend their sovereignty.

More shooting in US

Will never understand why he went back to Russia.

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It’s because the food was so cheap.

I’ve seen enough clips of Russian prisons to not be surprised by this.

There no place for anybody, let alone someone who was sick.

It’s fucking infuriating that an outcome like this felt inevitable. Doesn’t make it any less tragic however, such sad news.


I assumed there were threats against loved ones or something of that sort to make him return.


Surprised he lasted this long after all the assasination attempts.

Consider. The year is 49 days old. A report on CBC News the other night said that to date there have been 49 mass shootings so far in the U.S. Only the KC one garnered any attention.

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Has he even got that?



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It takes balls. As Putin will ruthlessly jail and have his opponents killed or silenced. Next in line: Yashin (centrist), strelkov (army), and Udaltsov (left-wing, with charisma and vigor of Navalny). All jailed.

As for Navalny. A bit conflicting how he is portrayed in western media as this noble character.

He was a Russian nationalist. Supporting the war in 2008 in Georgia.

“The Georgian public felt betrayed by Navalny after the 2008 Russo-Georgian war,” says Kornely Kakachia, Political Science Professor at Tbilisi State University.
“Everyone expected Navalny to be anti-Putin and anti-imperialist, but he supported the invasion.”

And this is what he said about Russia’s annexation of Crimea:

Navalny advised Ukrainians not to deceive themselves: “Crimea will remain part of Russia and will never become part of Ukraine again in the foreseeable future”.

He also said that when he becomes president of the Russian Federation, he will not return the semi-island to Kyiv: “Crimea is what, a sandwich with sausage to be returned here and there?”, - Navalny asked.

Not exactly much more liberal and friendly towards its neighbours.


Yep, you’d think he was some sort of liberal hero from the way the likes of Starmer and Trudeau are eulogising about him.

To add to the things you mentioned, there’s the propaganda video he put out calling for relaxed gun controls essentially so people could protect themselves from cockroaches ie Muslims and Chechens. This video was from 2007 but he was entirely unapologetic about it and didn’t walk any of it back when interviewed by The Guardian in 2017.

Seems to me like a fairly awful bloke in his own right.

I can imagine how the press and political class would react to Jeremy Corbyn hypothetically offering similar praise for someone who said similar about Jews/Israelis.