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Nice take down there.

I couldn’t care less about their cause but I do think that’s an infinitely more effective protest than blocking traffic lights and stopping a few people getting to work and hospital appointments.

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Erdogan won again, based more on an ideal and an image that any reality, which is objectively kinda shit.

Very worrying to see how that squares with other European democracies tbh, if people can be made to be this controlled.

However luckily most other leaders don’t have an ignorant and idealistic diaspora living in other countries eligible to vote in your election.

Guardian awful newspaper. Hypocrites

I thought this was something new for a second, took me a while to realise it was something I’d already read a while back. What led you to this year old thread?

Before I realised it was old I was about to say that I remember hearing murmerings about Nick Cohen, seem to remember it being alleged he has the nickname “octopus”.



Getting cooked in the replies lol


Nice to see Arsenal clamping down on freedom of speech.

Blocking someone from following you doesn’t deny someone their freedom of speech, he’s still free to say whatever he likes on twitter, or anywhere else for that matter.


That’s like saying if I refuse someone entry to my home, I’m denying their freedom of movement.

My house, my rules.


Most people don’t pay £1000 a season to visit your house.

He isn’t prevented from attending games.

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean everyone has to listen to you. Now, if he was kicked off of Twitter for it, then I would be more sympathetic.


Arsenal are a private company, they can do what they want.


I’m on the club’s side here but I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if they’d blocked someone who’d called them out for not being representative enough or if they’d posted to say they felt football clubs should stay out of matters like this (neither of which I stress, are my opinion).

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I mean I’d think it was cowardly but it’s not a “freedom of speech” issue the way some people claim it is. Freedom of speech typically means government restrictions.



What news editor thought this was a good idea?

As for Harry, he should change his PR company because despite all the self publicity, his popularity is still going down.

With his constant whinging, you’d think he was brought up on a council estate in Basildon rather than the most privileged upbringing he’s had.
It’s obvious he has limited intellect and charisma but you’d think he’d have a bit more self awareness.