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A cricket match that wasn’t even played in England lol



Hindutva crazies started causing damage after the India Pakistan cricket match, then Whatsapp bollocks circulated in both the Hindu and Muslim communities to cause retaliation and escalation

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Surprised the shit going down in Iran isn’t getting more coverage.
Government have taken to turning off the Internet amongst other shit.


Got Russia to focus on and there is an oil deal with Iran in the works so the least the West can do is look the other way…

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They do that all the time, literally every time a group of people speak up about something it’s an internet blackout

I’d be more surprised if it weren’t for the fact that our country is in the fucking toilet.

I like to think of myself as being something of an internationalist, but this sort if shit isn’t on my radar at all.

Power to those ladies tearing shit up!


Apparently even the conservative women are kicking off about it. Deep shit indeed.

Good. What a clueless government.

Hope some reform happens due to it.

It’s such a shame because with the Iran Deal it looked like moderates were gaining ground and it was about to be a mutually beneficial relationship between the west and Iran that would help sideline the hardliners and bring Iran forwards

Yet trump fucked it all and hardliners on both sides got emboldened. For no good reason. Sad.

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Just goes to show how many lives are dictated by handful of individuals who care too much about stuffs that don’t matter.

A lose hijab shouldn’t even provoke a conversation but somehow bunch of men decided it was enough to beat a woman over it.

Hope the mob find their way to those morality police members.

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I don’t know why really, but I find it incredibly endearing when you pluralise “stuff” with an s.


Ah heck, I didn’t know it was incorrect. Used to do that with ‘anyway’

‘Anyways’ is the norm around here. That’s irked me for years.

In gonna regret mentioning it if it means you stop doing it lol

“Anyways” is really common, even though it is incorrect I wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

“Anyways” is common in the UK these days? I never heard it pluralised when I was living there. What a disappointment. Oh well, language, like anything else, is in a constant state of flux.

Twitter cunts saying something is afoot in China.

What’s happening lads? @Cristo @sevchenko ?

For now I think it’s just morons tweeting nonsense.

Yeah I saw that on twitter too, I agree with you in it being morons talking nonsense. It originated from an unverified Indian outlet apparently

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