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Well it’s been 50/50 work and pleasure so not as many as I’d like and mostly short haul but I’m wracking up some miles on my BA Amex haha


Need to get that companion voucher!

Finally got mine up to about 130k avios which is good for business class to Jo’Burg or New York (just about) for two with the voucher.


My girlfriend and I got our companion vouchers ages ago but they’re a fucking pain in the arse to use.

So many fucking restrictions, it’s ridiculous.

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Haha yeah BA are a bit of a nightmare but just gotta be on it when the flights get released.

Finding two seats always seems to be my challenge. Here’s a ‘companion’ voucher but you can only fly alone :rofl:

I’ve had two expire because I didn’t have the points to make em massively worth it either.

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Yeah same, we’ve got two that just expired but have two more that expire in 2023.

Such an absolute faff lol

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I knew it :slight_smile:

Kanye/Trump 2024

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Bowie and Bing Crosby manage a Christmas song.

You think Kanye drops out of his presidential bid to become Trump’s running mate?!

Or from the way you wrote it, the other way round?!?!?!?! :grin:

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yep the article says he asked Trump to be his runner :joy:


I think they would stand a chance if it were the other way around.

It’ll be mental either way :slight_smile:


So would you say the BA amex card isn’t worth it? Torn between that and the cashback card because I’m too cheap to pay any fees

Having had it for about 3 years now, I would definitely say it is not worth it.

I downgraded from the BA premium to the BA standard just last month.

Oh I was only going to get the standard one, is that any good?

Yeah it’s fine.

If you travel a lot I would probably say go for the Premium as you get 1.5 miles for every £1 spent as opposed to 1 mile for every £1 spent, but otherwise I’d get the standard and save the £250 a year.

The other offers/companion vouchers etc. aren’t actually that attractive.


Yeah I’m reading a lot of hype online about how the companion voucher is this huge amazing thing but I don’t think it is for me on the standard ba card.

I’ll probably get the gold or something

Better to get an amex with membership rewards, BA one is a waste of time tbh

Companion voucher is fine after years when you’ve got enough avios but they keep making it harder to use. Now the fee is £250 instead of £150 it’s not value for money.

Standard card even more pointless now they made the voucher only useable in economy.


Yeah that’s the feeling I’m getting

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