General economic discussion

I’ll start this thread off with the situation in Venezuela.

People having to slaughter zoo animals for food, well, it’s simply sad and horrible.

The Economic Collapse In Venezuela Is So Bad That People Are Slaughtering And Eating Zoo Animals

I knew things were seriously bad out there but had no idea it was this bad. how long before there’s open cannibalism.

I’ve got to say this is really understandabe. I for one have always been totally curious as to how Zebra tastes like. They look so juicy with their strong buttocks and round bellehs.



Starts thread about general economics. Finished first post with “how long till open cannabilisim”.

I knew G4e wouldn’t disappoint.


People are eating their pets and now Zoo animals. is it such a stretch to think it could go that far?

Finally someone who’s understood capitalism.


So Trump wants to become president just to arrest Clinton? Fucking crazy cunt.