Gary Cahill


Would take tbh. Can’t get any better on a loan


I mean it plugs a hole in our defence but if you told me at the end of last season we’d be playing with a back 3 of Mustafi - Sokratis - Cahill I probably would have blacked out.


as long as we dont make it permanent, dont want to waste our money on another over the hill player that did semi well for over a loan period.


I dont see anything wrong with this. Good short term option whilst we plan for a long term solution come the summer.


If we can’t sign any elite CB’s, it’ll have to be loans, can’t really bloat the back line much more unless its a serious injection of quality.

Can get behind this.


Does he even play any more?




We should try for Samba aswell and get both our January 2011 transfer targets 8 years later.


Meh better than another stupid stopgap waste of money… gives us protection in our injury crisis… buy Pepe and CM and I’ll be thrilled. With that I’d feel good about top 4. Right now I’d rate it at 15%



Edit I suppose as a stop gap it’s not horrible.






Unless we go all out and spend big on a really top quality CB, I would sooner us get Cahill as a cheap stop gap until the summer…really don’t want to sign a middle of the road CB for £15-£20m. Save our money and invest in the summer…unless someone of real quality suddenly becomes available!


Imagine we got both of them 8 years ago. Cahill especially would have given us near a decade of solid defending if Wenger didn’t ruined him. Might have saved poor Samba’s career too.

Talk about regerts.


We bid for him before Chelsea were interested…but this was one of those times when we were too stubborn to go back with an improved bid!


Yup if I recall correctly we pissed off Bolton with our offer and Chelsea came in a got him for reasonable enough money anyway as Bolton were going down that year.


Yeah I seem to remember they signed him for something silly like £10m!


They got him in the January after Arsene had pissed around in the summer on the fee.


Came straight to Chelsea and won the CL. Now he’s coming to us to experience a real challenge.


Playing in a Chelsea defence next to Terry and Cole is easy mode.

Playing in an Arsenal defence next to Mustafi and Kolasinac is hard mode.