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Or when they realise Jon has a better claim to the Iron Throne than Daenarys.


don’t worry I wont be posting any plot information in here until next Monday. I will however let you know if the quality and sound is ok from the torrent I downloaded.


10 minutes in and I’m guilty as fuck for not waiting. Nothing to do with the plot mind you. The 650MB 1080p HDTV file is definitely watchable but just doesn’t feel the same. Will hang around and wait until the Now TV showing on Monday.


Just going to have to pray there are no season defining/breaking spoilers in this weeks ep because I know damn well I’m going to come across them before I get a chance to sit down and watch this.


One thought on Cersei’s pregnancy is that it could perhaps be Euron’s.

I suppose it’s possible sleeping with Cersei was one of his conditions for providing his fleet, and the sex scene between her and Jaime last episode could be her coving it up, and misdirection from the showrunners. We know from Maggie the Frog’s prophesy that the child wont live, so Jaimie killing her over this (also fulfilling the prophesy) might be a plausible outcome. After all, if Jaimie really is Cersei’s killer, then currently in the show there isn’t any justifiable reason for him to do it.

Or the child really is Jaimie’s, and is just a device to explain why Jaimie is willing to stick by her.


Please do!! :slight_smile:


Where exactly would you like the spoiler tags placed in a discussion about where to download/the quality of the episode?

There’s way too many people like you around at the moment busy crying about spoilers, I’m guessing you’re an adult. If it upsets you that much avoid these types of threads until you’ve seen it.


the leaked copy is aboslutle watchable, much much better quality than the last leak the other week


Oh my fucking good god Jesus fucking Christ


Careful, you might upset someone :joy:


Think I’ll mute this thread until I watch it, I go into autopilot mode like a dumbass and just stroll on in here not realizing until it’s too late.


It’s been two days since the last episode, have a sense of compassion for people that want to discuss the episode safely without fear of ruining the limited show time we have left.

I really don’t see the issue in being mature enough to consider other people, especially on this forum of all places.


Still waiting for you to point out the spoiler.


I didn’t read it as Oliver saying anyone had posted spoilers, more a request that people don’t. Not that I can read his mind, but that’s how I read the post.


The pirated version is better than my Now TV stream on the laptop!! Sound and picture quality are totally fine, enjoy the dankest of pixels my friends and treat yourselves early.



The quality is pretty good. Loved the episode.
One cunt at work did spoil the last scene for me. Some people I tell you.


I’ve had to avoid spoilers for 5 weeks how you think I feel


Have you started the GoT from the beginning then Elec?


Spot on mate. :smile: @BergkampsLoveChild simply making it clear that we need to manage spoilers carefully before the episode is officially aired. We have all invested too much time and effort in following GOT to have it ruined.

Also @Kaner you fucker, I see you cheating on me with that like. We had a good thing going.


Honestly just watch the episode asap because you will see spoilers soon