Gabriel Magalhães (6)

He’s having one hell of a season.

No it wasn’t!

He’s been our best defensive player this season. Leading the line, a monster in the back. He had a habit of causing errors but he has definitely improved on that aspect.


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I would love to know the real details from the start of the season when he was dropped.

Was it purely tactical or did Arteta punish him for having his head potentially turned by a move to Saudi?

Regardless I’m so so glad he was integrated back into the team.

I really don’t think it’s hyperbole to suggest that him and Saliba are the best CB duo in the league and one of the best in the world.

The best part is they’re both so youthful.

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I don’t we’ll ever know the exact unless he or Arteta specifically talk about it.

I will say he did look shakey in preseason.

Arteta has talked a couple of times about how Gabriel has changed. Here’s one recently(6:30):

From my POV, the biggest difference on the field is just how composed he looks now. Dare I say, this season he’s looked even more composed than Saliba. To me this has got him to a whole new level as a player.
People will laugh at whole “aura” thing but his aura is different now, he feels like a genuine leader in the team.
You could see him today organising the defence, instructing players where to pass, telling people to calm down, etc.

His growth since coming in 2020 is genuinely tremendous.


Think Gabriel is easily my favourite player at this club. Immense! Don’t think we’ve had a CB has good as him since Sol Campbell.

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That header he scored the other week where he absolutely flattened the defender was majestic

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Underrated, even among our own fans.