Gabriel Jesus (9)

We’ve got 5 players that can play up front.

Jesus, Nketiah, Trossard, Havertz and Martinelli.

You could argue there are others too.

I also had concerns about our forward line but that’s moreso because we lack choices out wide.

That should be the worry, not up front.

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Self awareness innit.

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which is probably why we see rumours of getting a striker. Imagine being brought into a squad as a striker and then you admit this…and our backup is even friggin worse.

Just speaking the truth Gabby, his strong point is combination play, interchanging positions, dribbling and making those around him substantially better.

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This was taken out of context. If you see the actual interview he’s saying the goals will come.

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It’s too late. They’re already prepping the headlines for Talksport: Arteta and Arsenal ROCKED by Jesus admission that he can’t be counted on for goals!

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I did like what Squawka did.


Polishing their nails?

The striker position is the only glaring difference between us and Man City.
If we had Haaland and they’d kept Jesus, it would be us winning it the title because, as good as he is, Jesus isn’t an elite striker who’ll score more than thirty goals a season.

That’s why Man City were happy to sell him to us, then replace Aguero with Haaland, and this will continue until FFP does something about it.

Just shows how misleading stats can be lol

We didn’t lose the title because of our attack. We actually scored loads from April onwards. Jesus was scoring just fine too.
Our issues were with our midfield getting overrun and our defence collapsing. We conceded 19 goals in the run-in.

I don’t think having Haaland instead would’ve changed anything for us.


Ridiculous stats, Ronaldinho isn’t even a striker :rofl:.

Another sign that we need a world class striker. Replace Jesus with any top striker in the last 5-10 years and we walk this league multiple times, no problem.

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Additional context for what it’s worth

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Big fan of Bobby but Jesus is just better.

Yup, if we didn’t lose Tomiyasu & Saliba in that disastrous Sporting game, we would have won the title.

That game really fcuked us big time.

Firmino hasn’t really played much PL games lately…

I don’t think that affects the chart.

All the stats that are based on actual counts will be affected. For instance, Jesus have many more games to increase his attempted shots.

Jesus is a better dribbler, but Firminho is a better finisher imho. Both not prolific enough to be starters at teams looking to win league championships against Cheat Code FCs.