Gabriel Barbosa

The two clubs mentioned by Brazilian media are Chelsea & Juventus, his agent is meeting one of those clubs this week but didn’t say which. He has a new contract from Santos on the table, but it’s a fraction of what he can get in Europe.

He’ll be a star for Juve. Him and Dybala… :giroud2:

Chelsea hasn’t really worked for the many Brazilians who have chosen to go there. Or England in general tbh,

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Dybala + Higuain + Pjaca + Gabigol? :santi:

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Where does that leave us?!

Scrapping for that wonderful fourth place trophy.

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Willian, Oscar, Ramires & Luiz have all had good spells at Chelsea. Oscar tailed off a bit, Willian was a standout player last year and Ramires was a very solid squad option.

But that aside… Juninho, Gilberto Silva, Coutinho, Sylvinho, Alex, Edu and even Robinho had an excellent first season at City.

I don’t agree with what you say about Brazilians not working in England in general. There has never been a premium Brazilian talent at the pomp of his career coming to England to ply his trade and the ones that have come have in general done pretty well.


I’d agree Willian seems to be a success, but for me the big money moves like Robinho, Oscar didn’t live up to what I thought they were going to do in this league.

Ramires too, after watching him at the one of the world cups before he made his move, he was so much more than the destroyer kind of player he ended up becoming. And Luiz left as a bit of a meme.

I guess you could say Coutinho has been a success too so that’s fair.

I would agree about Gilberto and was going to mention him and guys like Edu, Fernandinho to an extent and Elano excepted in my original post. I should have elaborated more on the point I was trying to make.

I think on the whole, a certain type of player for Brazil, a more grittier type of player is most successful here.

That has also coincided with a change in their national team.

Their skillful style has been replaced by more direct physical play using midfield destroyers as more and more Brazilian players choose England over Spain/Italy.

But there haven’t been as many great creative genuises for the Brazil team in recent times. (Coutinho apart but he had an awful Copa and I wonder if he can break into the first team) And that may also be linked to more of them heading to England, meaning these types of players have not flourished there.

For example, there were strong rumours at one point that Neymar was going to go to Chelsea. I don’t think he would have been the player he is today had he made that move.

And on the other side, there were rumours of Oscar heading to AC Milan/Inter Milan before he went to Chelsea, and I think he would have been better off had he made the move to Serie A. Likewise Gabigol.

Why aren’t we in for this kid? He’s an absolute beast for me on FM16 :eyes:

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Apparently Leicester have tabled a 25m bid.

And the Neymar transfer shitstorm still hasn’t ended,