Futsal: Falcao (Alessandro Rosa Vieira)

This guy is just scandalous. Don’t know if anyone here watches futsal but man, I was watching some highlights of Brasil vs. Australia in the futsal world cup and some of the things he was doing…the impudence! At 39 years old he’s still an absolute monster it seems. Here’s the goal, if you want to entertain yourself for a bit look at some highlights of his on youtube, he’s been doing scandalous things like this forever now.

(in the next highlight after this goal the ball falls to him in the air as the deepest player, and he’s got some space to start the attack, and starts doing some impudent keepy uppys before starting the attack…would be a bit cunty if anyone else did it but he’s just such a legend that it was totally righteous)

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I got into futsal recently, after the 2012 WC, learned late how insane Falcao is/was. See this if you haven’t:


taught me about “ginga” lol