Fuck off October

I don’t post here too often and have never used the board to vent or bring too much personal stuff out, but today’s day has capped off one of the worst months I’ve had in recent memory, so I thought I’d have a bit of a rant.

Starts off with me losing out on a promotion at work that’d have bought with itself a significant pay raise and an opportunity to relocate to another country for a few years. All because a silly restructuring move a month ago that placed hiring power with the recruiting country’s team instead of the current global team that I am a part of. It’s the global team who usually decided where they needed it’s resources and when the discussions about me taking up the new role began I was quite excited and looking forward to the next chapter in my career after having spent a few years in my current role. What I didn’t anticipate was that the shift in hiring power would completely change the dynamic of the situation. The local VP decided that a foreigner won’t be able fit into this new job role and went on to give it to a local who was far less experienced and this without even interviewing me.

Then the mother in-law ends up falling down the stairs and shattering her shoulder. She’s a bit on the heavy side and I can’t even imagine the amount of pain she’d have gone though. Ended with several trips to the hospital and days off work. All this within the first week of the month and shit hadn’t nearly begun to hit the ceiling.

I play football and cricket quite regularly and after the monsoons belatedly getting done, I was quite excited about the cricket season returning. One day before the first nets session, I end up rolling my ankle during a kick about in the park - Bang, tweaked ligaments and one cracked metatarsal. Not too bad I think to myself, been there done that, a few weeks of rest and I should be back in action. And after the injury, I thought I’d be a good thing to spend some more time at home, I’ll explain in the next para why. October though had more in the store.

I have been keenly reading the relationship thread, all the different perspectives and views on relationships, marriage, children, etc. especially so after learning that we’d be expecting our first child in Apr next year. After the initial apprehension, both of us were quite excited. The wife was quite hassled with the situation with her mother and early stages of pregnancy issues, so even though my ankle was going to be in a cast for a couple of weeks, I was kinda happy that I’d be spending more time at home with her albeit with diminished rather than on a playground. The cast came off last Tuesday and I started some light rehab work. Things looked better.

Thursday morning I wake up to a crashing sound only to find my wife face first on the floor with blood coming out of her forehead. Thankfully she responded to me when I tried to move her. I rushed her to the ER, they administed some first aid and tell us that it’s not too bad. Pregnancy can cause fluctuations of blood pressure and that can lead to the patient fainting, apparently that’s what happened. Anyway we stayed at the clinic for the rest of the day, they ran a few years to ensure that both were safe. We got back home in the evening a little shaken, worse for wear and with a couple of stitches to show for the trouble.

I was done with this shitty month by then and couldn’t wait for it to just pass by. I had decided to take the rest of the week off and spend some time ensuring we were all comfortable. This weekend arrived and as its Diwali, it’s usually festive here. We had decided to keep it low this year with all that we were going though. We went to see both sets parents around noon today, got back home in time for dinner. I was looking forward to catching the game, and although I had no confidence in Unai and his herd of cunts, it looked like one we’d get over the line. Watched the entire game, yelled as the TV screen several times, wanted to kill Atkinson and Emery, but as its a good festive day, I refused to let it ruin my mood. Diwali is about lights, colors and all that comes with it and we were both feeling bad not having done anything this year, so we decided to not let the last few days to put a complete downer on the festive spirts and at least light a few token lamps around the house. I take a candle and as am lighting one of the lamps the bastard explodes.

Its nearly 3 am, I am sitting in the ER for the fourth time this month, this time with third degree burns on my hand, and jacked up on pain killers. I’d be the happiest guy in the world if the next few weeks pass by without any events whatsoever and frankly October can fuck right off.


Sorry to hear/read of your troubles. Football is secondary to all that. We could be having a season like Liverpool and it still wouldn’t help you.

Hope you turn the corner soon. Somehow. Anyhow


oh buddy that kinda puts everything in perspective doesn’t it?

Sometimes it’s just a shit time, but hopefully it’ll pass soon.

At least India humped SA, I guess?

sending love :facepunch:


Aww man when it rains it fucking pours, chin up my fella.

Sometimes you just have shit periods in life that you need to grind through and then you have a really good period. Roll on November!


Doesn’t sound nice at all! Hopefully you manouvre on to a fourfd of fortunes from this point. On the plus side we only have 4 days til November.

So keep away from dangerous objects and trip hazards until then, and the only thing that will go wrong in October for you is another 5 goal thumping at Anfield on Wednesday.


Fuck me talk about bad luck. Hope all gets better soon my dude. Worse thing is when things go wrong one after the other.

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Fucking hell, what a shitfest of a month mate.

I can tell from the way you articulate your posts (over a number of years) that you’re a strong-willed sort of guy, but it feels hella good to release and share with others.

I don’t want to temp fate but it can’t get any worse now. Battle through and things will turn around. Hope you and your family all recover from your respective scrapes. Mad all the injuries you guys suffered in such a short space of time.

Best of luck brother

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I blame the rain. Fucking too much this year.

Try being a potato next three days, you got ‘sadesaati’ going on in your life.

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Cheers fellas. Thanks for all the messages of support
Wanted to get it out and sharing it here definitely helped. Going to sit tight for the next few days make most of the opioids on offer :sweat_smile:


Geez that’s a lot in such a short time. I really hope you get a break and things calm down. Glad your girl and the baby are ok!

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Yeah there was way too much suspense before that was confirmed.


Well, I blame the morphine of whatever they were giving me for the sloppy writing…

Cheers fellas. Thanks for all the messages of support

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who are you?


No probs mate


New forum. Who dis