Freddie Ljungberg

So it was Freddie all along, not Emery, not Mikel but sexy Freddie. What a man, probably tutored Saka for his GCSE’s as well.

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ViaPlay’s Premier League Panel is hosted by Freddie Ljungberg haha. Joined by Jaap Stam and Jesper Gronkjaer.

Quite an interesting trio. First episode is available now.


Haha thats quite odd. Probably also available in other countries where viaplay is active?

Btw some bad news about viaplay, tuned into a bit of the bayern munich game yesterday and Evert ten Napel was on commentary… He is probably the only commentator that can make me look for a stream when I have a subscription. Thought he was retired?

Viaplay (or Allente as they’re called here now) has one of the worst commentator pools available (with 1-2 rare exceptionally good ones). I subscribed for 10 years but more then often watched other streams instead. If your suffer from misophonia like me some of the commentators antics are torture.


My misophonia is getting worse as I get older too. Find myself even more short tempered with everything around me


Thankfully mine doesn’t seem to be getting worse. It’s remained pretty constant though, the sound of people eating loudly sets me on edge just as much as ever lol


Yeah that’s the big one for me too!

That’s very much the thing that bothers me, I’m probably not too bad outside of that, can’t think of anything else that triggers it regularly.

Unnecessary breathing where it’s just so loud and the mouth is gaping open bugs me.

Loud crunching
Mouth breathing
Squeaky nose breathing

I just can’t stand those noises. I went to my girlfriends parents house and her dad was just doing a mazza I just got up and walked out the room I couldn’t believe it. His mouth was wide open he was chewing like an actual horse I was fuming.


i’m sorry it is basic manners not to do that, that is just gross.

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Do you also leave the room when your dog is panting?

Haha funny you say that I seem to be able to bear it when it’s my dog cause I know it’s being done most times to regulate his temperature and it’s actually hot outside for him.

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Chewing with a open mouth is so annoying and makes me fume. I had a colleague who had a nasty habit of chewing gum with her mouth open. I get angry even thinking about it now :joy:

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Haha the things animals do always get a pass from me, not from people though.

Depends. Some people have breathing issues, which is compounded when they try to chew with their mouth shut.

Yeah during our game yesterday the commentator kept saying Nketíah (with emphasis on the ‘i’). Really can’t stand that kind of thing. It’s your fucking job, know their names.

Besides that kind of thing, most commentators are fine by me. I know there is a lot of critique in the Netherlands on the F1 commentators on ViaPlay (they got the rights for F1 and PL this season, after it had been with Ziggo for many years), but I don’t watch enough nor care enough about F1 to notice. It’s just with this particular commentator, Evert ten Napel, that annoys the shit out of me because of his style of commentating. As if he’s palls with all the players or something.


I tend to watch football without commentary. Makes it a far more pleasant experience.

I wish that was an option for me. Just the stadium sounds, nothing else.

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