Frank McLintock

Surprised there isn’t already a thread for The Arsenal great.

Happy birthday to a legend of the club :tada:

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I’m not disputing he’s a major figure in the clubs history, but why would there be a thread for him? His career was years before the internet even existed and he’s not really someone who has been prolific in the media even before he was in his 80s.

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For some of us older fans he’s as important to the DNA of Arsenal as the famous back four, Bergkamp or Cazorla. I got chatting to him at Carrow Road in the 90’s while queuing for a cuppa at half time. A really knowledgeable and friendly bloke and an Arsenal legend.


There aren’t many captains in the English league that have won the double, which he did and Adams is the only other Arsenal player to have done it.
He also played over three hundred games for us, which isn’t too shabby either.

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