Fran Merida

This guy had massive hype.

Shame he didn’t do better here.


Back then when a young player put in a good performance or two in a cup game I’d start getting hyped that they’re on the verge of first team football.

After seeing what happened with Merida, Reine-Adelaide, Owusu-Abeyie and a bunch of others who looked like ballers in the odd cup game or preseason I’ve never got hyped about any Arsenal youngster until they’ve established themselves like Wilshere, Iwobi and Smith-Rowe did. Iwobi in particular seemed to pop out of nowhere for anyone not following the youth.

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At the time it was hard to believe Fran Merida & Zelalem won’t make it. Just goes to show that making it at top level takes a lot lot more.

Even if you followed the youth Iwobi didn’t really look the stand out. Akpom, Aneke, Zelalem and Afobe seemed to shine more at youth level

Reine-Adelaide has managed to carve out a career in France at Lyon

Yep, and sold for €25m a year after leaving us for peanuts :grimacing::joy: Had a few big injuries though.

Zelalem was technically so good but extremely lightweight and not much stamina.

Merida always to me atleast had what it took to be a good midfielder, I never kept up with that happened to him but I do find it bizarre how he dropped off.

Carlos Vela was always my main man, probably because of Football Manager( of was it championship manager at that stage?) Had him as one of the best youngsters in the game at some point. Loved his style of play, shame he never made it here but he had a good career nonetheless.


I was in the crowd for that goal against Liverpool, big family of scousers in front of me. I’ve never heard human beings make sounds that high pitched before.