Found my grandads old coat from the 90's

Doing a house cleaning, found my grandads old coat from I think 1992.


Did you post this on Reddit as well??

Best crest ever in football that. So much identity in that.


I did indeed, it got so many nice comments I thought I’d post it here for people to enjoy.

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That is a phenomenal jacket

Bet your dad was born because of that jacket


Yeah it’s an absolute beauty mate, you must be buzzing.

Very jealous!!

Stylish grandad

Awesome! I would have it framed.

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Welcome along. For some reason that jacket makes me think of Ian Wright and it’s not just cos of the user name. :smiley:


Yeah I pictured it more on a black guy.

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Yeah. Remember the two of them on the fascia of the North Bank stand. My neighbour made replica pelmets for his living room curtains.


Unfortunately not an arsenal fan but have put it up for sale. It’s just been sat in a cupboard for about 15 years

Nostalgia, as my dad had one of those. Think he borrowed it to one of his close mates one cold evening and he never returned it. Asians, man :joy:

Now that I’ve seen you’ve put it up for sale, hope you get a decent return out of it. It’s a beaut.

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Who do you support?

Some blokes bid 400 for it on eBay, insane.

Ah so sad to great he never got it back.

@IWrighty90D was your grandad Asian perchance?

This happened back in my home country and I know the guy well, so not very likely it’s his granddad, but yeah, never say never :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: