Formula One thread

Confirmed today bro:

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F1 just keeps getting better. Alonso confirmed and now Mugello. That track is gonna be chaos

Going to funny when they get their asses handed to them on their own turf :slight_smile:

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Really good to see McLaren doing well this season after their financial issues in the off.

Honestly so good that the financial situation is going to be so much more sustainable for everyone in the future soon.

Fucking Ferrari taking more money than anyone apart from Mercedes to produce turd after turd. Wtf is the point?

Just make a shitter of a car for half the price, there you go, much less wastage.

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Mclaren have been on an upwards trajectory since Alonso left. So good to see them back near the front where they belong.

Ferrari power units have gone to the dogs this year. Seems like they are gonna struggle because power problems take ages to resolve (without cheating lols). It’s gonna be hard to watch them fail at home at Monza so badly. Even Renault have overtaken them now and that’s saying something.

Also big shout out to Williams who look nearly a second faster this year, and Russell looks like a top prospect. Was keeping up with him, Leclerc and Lando during the covid break - Russell showed them all up in the virtual GP’s haha.

This type of meme always cracks me up, nothing but love for Alonso though

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Why is Lando just so cool though


Top guy and great driver

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