Formula One thread


@Mysty, i am fucking ready! Cocky Lewis needs to be put in his fucking place. Cunt!


:goat: Lewis

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V8 onboard is music to my ears


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This will be Max’s year!!!


Keep dreaming dutch :arteta:. Your boy is good, but i still don’t trust him.


Looking back the V8s that year sounded so raw and aggressive, especially the Merc engine in the Mclaren, really cool sound. They were kinda crap though when they started limiting the revs the next few years after that. Nonetheless, I do miss the sound being a thing in F1. I don’t mind the V6s, but I still miss the V10s/V12s like crazy.

Any predictions for the year ahead, any surprises? :slight_smile:

What is it you don’t trust about Max in particular Luca? Cocky Dutchie? :henry2:

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I don’t trust his behaviour, albeit he looks to ha improved a bit, plus Red Bull is still a bit behind Ferrari and Mercedes.

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You guys seen cocky Lewis’s cocky haircut?

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Unfortunately yeah :facepalm:


You are racist if you think that’s a cocky haircut.


Shut up Kurt. oh wait you changed it back to Kurt!!!

Nice :kroenke:

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Oh fuck!


Oh man :frowning:

RIP Charlie


RIP :pensive:

Such a horrible way to die, thoughts with his family.

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So unexpected and very sad news :disappointed: While his decisions and calls weren’t always popular, he was nonetheless hugely respected and well liked around the paddock. Seemed like a really nice chap. Been involved in the sport for a very long time. Always the guy to start the lights at the beginning of the race.

Those who may or may not know, over the years there was a fake parody account on Twitter called “Fake Charlie Whiting”, which become quite a big thing over the years. The guy who ran it got to eventually meet Charlie and become quite good mates with him. Thought this tribute he wrote on him was really touching.


Now let’s destroy Toto and cocky Lewis. Fucking c’mon! :kos2:


Lollllll! Typical. Hamilton dominating. He just hid himself during the winter tests.


Is the first GP this weekend?