Formation Thread

Is it just me or have we slightly switched formation in the past couple of games ?

I noticed it vs Chelsea

& Basel last night

Is the 4-4-1-1 back or am I just looking at our defensive positioning too much and seeing what I wanna see ?


We seem to revert to that in defence, with Ozil / Sanchez acting almost as a front 2.

Recommend following the Arsenal Column on Twitter, who explains the tactics far better than I :slight_smile:

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Got any snapshots for clips of the offensive phase?

Makes sense to have two banks of 4 for the defensive phase, don’t think this is anything out ordinary

Yeah I will do mate, thanks for the shout.

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Got any snapshots for clips of the offensive phase?[/quote]

I havn’t no but if I did I’d proably be bias and look for one’s in the shape of the 4-4-1-1 like Ozil & Alexis break away goal vs Chelsea.

You’re probably right, but still I can hope.

I think Wenger has said in the past the 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 gives the best field occupation in his opinion.
With Alexis as a striker we’re going back to the Henry days where the striker and our outer midfielders were very good at interchanging and picking teams apart. I thought the first goal to be a good example of that. Very good to see. I do find it a bit worrying that we don’t have a guy like Wiltord on the bench who could either play on the wings or fill in as a striker and we didn’t have to sacrifice anything on that style of play. With Ramsey or Chamberlain in the team I’m afraid we won’t be able to execute that.

Him leading our line and giving the good example as far as our pressing is concerned can only be beneficial I reckon.

I always thought we played 4 at the back 6 upfront…Oh Well!

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with no qulity wingers in the team why don’t we play something like this 4-1-2-1-2

                          Bellerin       Mustifia Sortikes       KOL

                                          Ramsey   Guen
                                             auba   Lace

At least then players can play in their natural postions an not be shoehorned into wingers and might get better performances out off them