Footballers reading forums

Do you think our players ever read OA or any other arsenal forums to see what fans actually think about them? footballers in general tbh reading forums of the team they play for

It could be something they are told to stay away from by the club

I’ve long suspected you were Carl Jenkinson tbh Luke.


Well David Hillier is on this forum.


How do you think I ended up meeting @Pires?



Oh wow, you met Pires? Why have you never posted that picture before?



I show remarkable restraint not posting it more often. Its Robert fucking Pires, I love him.

At least my obsession makes sense unlike yours with Bellerin :pires2:


Jakeys like count down. Digs the Bobby selfie out. Works everytime.:hugs:


At least my obsession is current. Who was the dude on here who recently told me to let go of the past? That applies to you now :bellend:


honestly thought that was @DavidHillier actual name, just googled and it’s a former arsenal player


Everyone’s forgotten about me now :pensive:

It’s what happens when you get injured before cup finals.

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Your avatar gives you away every time. Not that current, then.

I only remembered him because he appeared on the Peter Crouch show on Amazon last year, Back of the Net. They have a row of people with normal jobs and you have to guess which one is the ex footballer. You were on, you’re a fireman now.

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Giroud is still a successful current footballer

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I’ve always liked giroud but a Chelsea backup isn’t classed as successful

I swear it’s the avatar, but I’ve always had this feeling too.

Sometimes you just need to play the hits. @JakeyBoy doesn’t have a cute kid to post.


@Leper and @Bavin why Jenkinson?

For me it’s the avatar.

I highly doubt they read the forums, but maybe they have PR people letting them know what fans generally say about them. If they did browse OA I’m sure some of them couldn’t keep quiet. We post a lot of shit about them and most time we probably get it all wrong :gabriel:

If they do read forums like this, the only thing we probably get wrong about them is that they care about what we say.

If you are at the top level, you obviously are not just talented but able to take the pressure so you have to be thick skinned.

Most players can quite comfortably drift out of a club they say they love and go to another simply because they pay more.
Then after scoring, run to the supporters at his new club, kissing and pointing at his new badge, pretending he loves them even more.

Very few footballers have loyalty other than to their bank balance so caring about what the people who pay their wages say isn’t high on their list of priorities.