Football stats from this decade


Dmitri Payet is such a talent. Really enjoyed watching him for the one and a half seasons he had here in the EPL.

Just a shame he threw his toys out the pram and desired to rot his potential instead.


Payet is one of those guys who, like Ben Arfa, had talent way beyond what their career put together.

I look at Ben Arfa and I genuinely think he had all of the ability to be a superstar. Like Payet

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Spurs getting more points than us for the decade shows how poor we’ve been, Liverpool also given that they were considered a laughing stock for the first half of the decade.

Oh wow. Good for Liverpool.

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What has this got to do with Liverpool :joy::joy:

I must admit without seeing that table I would have thought Chelsea would be 2nd behind Manchester City for the decade.

League titles for the decade

Manchester City 4
Chelsea 3
Man United 2
Leicester 1

This is at least the third time he has said “good for Liverpool” in the last day or two. He’s obviously trying to make a point, but I can’t be bothered trying to work out what that point is :smile:


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