Football quiz questions

And his uncle is a dick and his cousin is thick

lovely poem


And only 127 of them were deflected as well. Very impressive.

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The other 50 are pens.

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Two ex Arsenal players to score in cup finals for Arsenal and manage in the PL?

Does Ljungberg count as managing in the PL?

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our current manager

Gotta be Ljungberg and Graham

(It was definitely Graham’s goal in '71)

It’s Freddie for one @Craigie and it’s not Graham as its Eddie Kelly who gets credited with the goal in 71.

Arteta never scored Luke.

Did Tony Adams ever score in any of the finals in 93?

I think he scored in the SF v Spurs

No mate spuds semi yeah.

Haha found it, but cheated. It might have been my 400th guess.

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@JohnnyH have a go at the above mate. You’ll get it.

I’m thinking maybe Bobby Gould, but not sure if he managed in the Premier league…other than him, I can’t think of anyone…

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Your right mate. Scored against Swindon in the league cup. Managed Coventry in the prem.
Unused sub against us for West ham 1980 cup final too.

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