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Debate on MNF. If you are a manager and you have any player in the history of football sitting on the bench in his peak ready to come on and win you the game. Who you going for?

Carra - Messi

Neville - C. Ronaldo

I would pick C. Ronaldo personally

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Yossi Benayoun


A Messi v Ronaldo debate, that’s some cutting edge stuff on MNF.


Oli G.

In before @Phoebica

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Trust Neville the weaselly cunt to pick LadyBoy

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tough one…


Carra eats Neville for breakfast.


Carlos Alberto Vela Garrido.

This is the way.


George Best… Simples


Interesting they don’t have the assist numbers to go with all that discussion.

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And deducted one CL title and Messi’s recent Copa America for no discernible reason other than to artificially elevate Ronaldo


They’ve given Ronaldo a fucking UEFA Nations League and not given Messi his Copa? :arteta:


It’s because CR7 is back in England now so the SkySports team are doing their utmost to rewrite parts of history to make sure everybody believes he is far and away the greatest player ever lol.

The love affair since he returned has been awful.


The whole Messi vs Ronaldo debate is the reason I don’t like statistics.

I love Mathematics but thank goodness I follow football to know that how you cannot represent everything with numbers. I would have deluded myself otherwise.

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The ‘Best’

It would either be Jimmy Greaves or George Best for me .

Decision made - Jimmy Greaves .

When I saw that I actually thought Neville was one of the choices. :grinning:

If you need someone off the bench to win you a game, Perry Groves is the player you want.

This is stupid, what a pointless debate when there’s only one answer and he’s already a PL legend.

If you want someone to come off the bench and win a game for you, it can only be Jermaine Defoe with 24 goals from the bench in his career.

MNF is trash.

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Is there a better way to measure the impact of a substitute in your opinion?