Football Manager

Can someone tell me how to search player directly??
I can only find player compare to.

Also no idea how to sell player.

Like I said, my last FM is about 15 years ago

Gimme a screenshot? Might be able to help.

thanks Rocky… here it is.

Also, so many emails… reading emails taking up 80% of the play time

Go into scouting. or use that magnifying glass next to the club logo to search for a player directly by typing in their name.

Thanks Rocky…
Also how to delegate all jobs to assistant except assigning starting lineup (and major transfer)?

Gosh… only 6m budget to start… Really realistic

Erm, let me load my game so I can tell you :sweat_smile:

Okay, you want to go to Staff, then Responsibilities or anything that looks like that.


Let me check it out, thanks

There are 3 game modes now, one where no transfers from the 23/24 season happened, one where they happen but only at the date they happened IRL, and one where every scheduled 23/24 transfer goes though at the start of the game.

Because arsenal already brought in Rice, Havertz etc. in the summer there’s a big net spend obv - I suspect if you choose the version where no real life transfers happened you’d have a much bigger budget. But then you wouldn’t have Rice… :grin:

I’m going to try that playthrough next… Hopefully won’t be too long as I’m currently top of the prem and beaten Bayern away in the CL group. (I’ll stop if/when I win prem&CL)

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I’d be fascinated to know what you think about it.

Shout if you decide you need face packs, badges and kits and need help installing them, Likewise we’re all here if you need any other help getting to grips with it.

Thanks for your offer and help, really appreciate it.

My first feeling of the game was, gosh, I just need to spend as much time as the real managers to play this game… till I start delegating most jobs to the directors/coaches… but still, the email is really time consuming and slowing down the game play a lot.

Definitely interested to add the packs, but is it an easy task or it takes more than a few steps like fixing the configuration (find the roots of the game, then get into folders and subfolders and such)??

Of course, no virus/trojan horses files/packs needed :slight_smile:

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If you use a site like then you simply have to unzip downloaded files and place those files in your Graphics folder, then “Reload the skin” in game. The name fix is a little more fiddly in that you have to delete existing data files and replace them with the ones in the download.

I tend to avoid anything that requires me having to do any rewriting of config files. All I do is unzip and place things in my Graphics or Skins folders.

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Let me try

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I just tried that link and it directed me to the official FM website… can’t find the zip file you mentioned


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thanks, will try tonight.

Ugh :neutral_face:

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That’s a bit better…

Try this one too.

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