Football Manager thread


So it’s October in season 19/20,

Won the league with 106 points, unbeaten.
Won the CL.
Won the FA cup.
Won the league cup.
Won the community shield.
Won the European super cup.
Welbeck won footballer of the year.
Just had a run of 25 consecutive wins.
Currently 80 games unbeaten in all comps.

Not entirely sure where I go from here… time to start lower league?


Man like Jeff!


Need some good defensive mids. Young preferably

  • Wendel (Fluminense)
  • Amadou Diawara,
  • Donny Van de Beek (Very well rounded attributes, strong in defence & offence)
  • Lucas Tousart

Frenkie de Jong worth a mention too, I think Ajax have 3 or 4 very talented young midfielders.


Started at Ajax so well aware of Van de Beek and De Jong :smiley: will have a look at the others.

Tousart not in my game database :frowning:


If you’ve got a big budget there’s probably no one better than Kessie.


Oh right, now you’re ready to drop screenshots. But on your previous post, nothing


Not got a screenshot of last season, these two should suffice I guess.


this one is kinda mad tbh.


Must take ages to keep having to reload until you win every game. :grinning:




I’m only in April 2018!

Some of you are years ahead of me lol.

@Oliver was Welbz a player you played a lot? For me he’s very much 4th choice striker and hardly ever makes the bench.


weirdly enough i had him as a third choice inside forward and second choice striker. He obviously handled rotation well.


Bottled independence again ffs :neutral_face: @Electrifying

Also At least in Europa you’ll get a break from Bayern Munich and Barcelona every season they said…



having serious fun retraining players. Chambers and Chillwell doing the absolute business for me.


This fucking game not only did Bayern the motherfuckers end up in the Europa League because they bottled the CL groups they beat me in the god damn final through an Alexis extra time winner :cry: I’m not hurt :cry:

League season went better though. Fekir and Lacazette madness all throughout the season :heart_eyes: Giroud did great for me aswell as the targetman!

Bellerin with 10 assists as well :eyes:


First Promotion in Wrexham’s Road to the UCL final. Developed a great 3 striker system after getting the job last season


A post from a PCMASTERRACE user? What is this? :eyes:



Probably the best single game in terms of utterly battering someone. A Mesut Özil first half hat trick, with the first one a goal from the half way line as well lol

Had an absolutely storming start to my second season


Had an amazing Champions League run in my third season at Ajax.

Beat Inter in the knockouts, 1-2 away, 3-1 at home. Then PSG in the Quarters. 1-2 away again, drew 1-1 at home. Then got a relatively easy draw in the Semi’s against Zenit. Beat them 5-2 over two legs.

Bayern in the final proved too much for me however… Lost 3-2.

Still an amazing run. Hard to achieve that again since all my star players are leaving. It’s so hard to retain them as a smaller club on this FM. Ziyech, Neres, Cerny, Arthur all want big moves. I have to let them go too, otherwise they will walk out for free.


52 games unbeaten now!

Embolo is seriously worth signing, these are his stats just over a season into the game. He’s got more goals than games this season so far