Football Manager thread


Has to be as before you start a game it says you have 30 years to become a managerial great.


Perfect. Downloading.


After being sacked by Nantes I managed to get the Stoke job with them also being in the relegation zone.

Not doing too bad so far :slight_smile:

Sitting 8th in the league, no idea what Bournemouth are doing up there lol


It’s this one, right?


On the PC version he’s supposed to be one of the highest potential midfielders, looks just as good on the mobile version.


After a year spent developing under a top quality manager this is what Malcom looks like. Would strongly recommend picking up if you need a winger

Edit: @Burgundy he looks absolutely ideal for me, I need a skilled but physically impressive midfielder


Yeah had a few regens in FM 2015 @Bl1nk


I’ve had one already when at the end of the season I was asked to attend training and choose whether to promote four regens




Started a career game with Ajax.

How can I set scouting instructions? I want them to look for strikers under 21 and send me reports of recommended players.


You go to the search icon then scouts. You click on the scout you want then click assignments.

Then start a search and click on for youth search. You can get more specific than that but you can have multiple scouts working at the same time.



Bought that Arthur kid you’re all raving about. He better be good as I blew a big chunk to sign him.


Quite a decent title race going on as we reach NYD 2018!


Dolberg is a baller


Qarabag bossing as usual.


Tottenham may have been unbeaten in the two league games but again Arsenal come out on top when it matters most. #NorthLondonIsRed

Btw that was January signing Arthur’s first goal for the club and what a time to get it!


Who is Arthur?


I am


Doing well in my second season at Ajax. Topped the CL group with Juve, Sevilla and CSKA Moscow. Proud of that. Unfortunately Inter were too strong in the knockouts.

Top of the league again in Eredivisie, 7 pts clear with 8 games to go.

Made some terrific signings; Arthur as mentioned, is awesome… Oh and the Brazilian kid is decent too :wink:
Sold Dolberg to AC Milan for a shitty €35m, I should have done a lot better because he’s worth 77m now lol. He kept whining about wanting to leave, so I caved and signed Celtic’s Dembele as replacement, who made an instant impact.

Signed a couple of youngsters, did a search for 0-21 aged, sort by age and scout anyone of 16 that is valued above €1m. Found a couple of South Americans with 5 star potential so spent most of my budget on 4 or 5 of those players. Completely trusting my scouts then haha.

Ajax have some real talents themselves I found out: Van den Beek, Veltman, David Neres, De Ligt, Cerny, Kluivert, Sierhuis, Onana all doing really well, top clubs keep making enquiries.


I won the Europa League with Sampdoria and got to the CL next season, losing in the semis. I also finished third in the league and runner up in the Coppa Italia. After 4 seasons I leave and can’t get a job anywhere lol. That’s super annoying as the stuff I’d done at La Samp bordered on miraculous. I didn’t even get th Sunderland job and they were fighting relegation in the Championship.