Football Manager thread


Cheers Burg will have look tomorrow.

Wanted a Naby Keita type CM and Bayern blew me out the water for him so tried Diawara from Napoli and then fucking PSG blew me out the water for him!! ffs :joy:

Anyone have a third choice!! Nzonzi maybe? Don’t want to pay mega bucks for a 28 year old though…


Arthur from Gremio I think is a top 5 CM on the game.


Is this game worth getting people ? Thinking of breaking my 12 or so year manager game drought ?


Just displayed some pretty fucking top notch mental strength

To leave the table looking like this


Most clean sheets in the league and only let 1 goal in and it’s mid September! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Mahrez on his first return to Leicester!!!

Have to say really enjoying this! Gonna do a month of my season every night. Only annoying thing is no replays for goals so if aren’t watching the screen throughout your fucked lol


Looks like you guys are having a whale of a time on mobile.

I am completely wank on desktop. Had Palace a solid 20th after 7 games.


Sounds like you’re far more interested in reality than the rest of us.


Mobiles the way to go

Couldnt wait for the new one when I got my new phone so still on 2017 for now.


I’m really tempted to buy this on my phone too. I haven’t played FM since the 2014 pc edition. I enjoyed it but it took up so much of my spare time haha.

At least the mobile version looks to be a bit quicker


hah @JakeyBoy started a trend. So many people have came on this thread (me included) and got convinced to buy it for their phones :joy:


I was on mobile before it was mainstream.


What’s everyone’s team like?

Here’s mine.

Mahrez usually comes on for the last 20/30 minutes also have Dolberg on the bench @Cristo :wink:cost 43M…


Season started quite well until injuries fucked me and this happened.

Received a warning before the Nice game, hopefully can turn this form around. Managing Nantes, expected to finish mid table and currently 18th :see_no_evil:

Edit: Didn’t get the chance to turn it around ffs


Looks like teamtalks have changed a bit since '15. I’m hardly getting anything out of these wankers.


Maxi Romero maybe or Ismaila Sarr, I wanna say Amine Gouiri too but I’m not sure how good he is on here.


Only just started but here’s mine

Tempted to sell Öz but I might do a Wenger and let him go on a free lol.


Have you tried offering a contract? He asked for 190k a week on mine which was within budget, accepted it straight away. Is leading the league in assists for me as an AP in same position you’ve got him.

You’ll get great money for him too I suspect. So offer him a deal or sell him would be my advice lol.

Here’s my team anyway:

For a lot of matches I’ll move the two DMs up into central midfield and drop Jorginho for Ramsey, when I don’t need to be so cautious


Ha first thing I done was sell Alexis and Özil didn’t even offer them new contracts. If you don’t wanna stay in real life. Bye :joy:#ruthless


I know everyone is on Arsenal but I started off with Roma cos I was with them in FMH2015 when I stopped playing.

My current Roma team is LIT