Football Manager thread


Gay ppl are like the #1 market most companies want to tap into. Dual incomes, usually no children so lots of disposable income. Gay guys usually really care about their image more, and men on average make more than women as well so they really want their money lol.


What about the Q people? :sanchez2:

“Football Manager to feature gay players”

They already do… Robbie Rogers.


Yea I understand the perceptions that lead them to putting that line in there but personally I loved
football /sports and The Arsenal long before I ever loved a man and that’s true for almost any gay guy I know with an interest in any sport. I doubt someone like my partner is going to develop an interest because someone comes out.

So they say they’re doing this as a progressive move and then throw that stereotyping bollocks in there and that’s pretty funny to me.



I think the longest I’ve gone is about 10 in game years. Long way to go. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, FM10 was before the Steam cloud saves right? All those crash dumps he must have suffered!


Wow I though I put some play time into FM but wow 170years is some dedication. I want to see what the dedicated thing says on his FM.


I think my record is something like 14 years. So he’s playing like FM09/10? Why fucking bother :expressionless:


I went 19 seasons with CM 93/94. Before the 20th season it crashed. Seems like there was a limit back then.


Fuck I haven’t played Football manager games since LMA 2001 :eyes:


This years version feels a lot fresher then the last two years


Omg so playing beta at the minute done a season with Sunderland finish 6th in the league beat boro over to 2 legs to get to the play off final 4 days before I play reading in the play off final and I get sacked because lee cattemole is pissed off because he ain’t playing enough games so his Influence in the team disrupts the whole team.

So remember guys when u start playing this game team dynamics is really important this year and can cause all sorts off problems.




new mobile FM out tomorrow isn’t it?


Yes it’s out tomorrow and FMT is out on the 25th


Bought and downloaded Football Manager Mobile this morning. Sold Alexis to Bayern for £100m and Giroud also to Bayern for £27.5m whilst on my way to work. Sanchez flat out refused to negotiate so I fucked him off ASAP. Özil is asking for 190k a week which is within budget so mulling over whether to make that offer to him.

Bayern outdid me in the pursuit of Naby Keita, so any suggestions for mobile/physical midfielders would be welcome. Got Goretzka agreed for 28m but I’m looking to completely overhaul my midfield.

Any suggestions for young, quality wide attacking midfielders would be welcomed too, though of course I have a pretty decent shortlist for that already.


FFS I shouldn’t buy it. I play too many games; FIFA, Battlefield and thinking about CoD. Can’t, can’t, can’t.

I probably will though.


Think I’m gonna buy the mobile version later. Only £8 so might as well. As I wouldn’t pay the £40 for the computer one now as I hardly play it.

@JakeyBoy is the match engine on the mobile the old school circle’s running around the pitch?


It is mate, which I’m ok with. I often just choose the text only option anyway



I wouldn’t pick them but they’re still decent. Quite throwback going back to the circles haha.


Yeah if you’re used to the PC version it’ll feel like a throwback. It quite suits the mobile version though with the whole thing being geared towards being able to get through seasons a lot mote quickly