Football League

Likely the wrong thread for this, but very interesting conversation about John Fashanu’s experience with racism across the football league during his time there.

Disgraceful behaviour from George Graham and Kenny Dalglish.

There is NO WAY Gnonto is 20 years old

What are you implying? :pires2:

That he looks double his age

Oh come on, he doesn’t look 40. :laughing:

He does look like he should be in his mid to late 20s.

Ok he looks older than he is then

I am very frustrated that there’s been 2 goals in the Leeds-Norwich game already and I’ve missed both. After I endured the 0-0 snorefest they cooked up on Sunday.

Right, no surprises then.
Leeds v Southampton to decide who goes up.
Leeds have been the better side this season but the gap with Southampton isn’t big, certainly not as big as these two with the other two in West Brom and Norwich.

Yeah tough one to call this final

Oxford winning the league 1 playoff is a shock

They finished 10 points behind Bolton in the league