Football League

I get Wycombe need to get on with their own business but this will be a killer for Reading. It feels a bit wrong.

Gee whiz it’s getting tight at the top, I thought Leicester were an absolute certainty for promotion but now everything is still on the table.

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Yep Leicester had a right wobble throughout feb and don’t look anywhere near as strong as they did pre jan.

Leeds are the form team by a mile, had a 9 game win streak snapped by 10 man Huddersfield which was a shock, then got right back to it.

Hoping Leicester and Ipswich can hold out for the top 2 but can’t see past leeds atm. They’ve got pretty easy fixtures left.


Why is this happening in March?!

Because they’ve already played most of their season. 41 games deep in a 46 game season. Their season finishes in April - as does League 1 and 2 by the way, it’s really early.

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Did it start earlier than the other leagues or do they play in midweek also.

Just can’t get my head around a title win in March :joy:

Wrexham v Stags on now

Should be a cracker

Tractor Boys top of the league!

Ipswich losing to 4th place Southampton.

That puts the cat amongst the pigeons

Tractor Boys! Scenes


Watching Leeds vs Hull and didn’t expect to see Jean-Michael Serri playing for Hull! :joy:

Are you seri-ous? He’s been there a couple of years now.


Leeds have fucked it.

Leicester two big wins this week to assert themselves back at the top.

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Championship race just as exciting as the premier league.

They’ve got the game in hand too.

All three have tough fixtures left though, so wouldn’t be surprised to see it go to the final day.