Football League thread


Top 3 really breaking away, you just know whoever comes 3rd will choke on the playoffs also.


Form pattern is much more use than the actual names of the teams, right? Fucking Google!


Norwich have a tight, but good margin. Then i don’t know who is going up between Leeds and Sheffield United.


oh la la




that didnt last very long did it. People have goldfish from a fair that last longer.


“My work here is done”


Was he seething for Manure defeat against us? :wenger:


Leeds-Sheffield United today. That’s a six-pointer.


Blades please do these fuckers.


Why do you hate Leeds? I know Manure hate them, but not us.


Gtew up when they where the dirty cheating bastards that everyone hated. Been up their for football, cricket and rugby League and the fans just abuse anyone not from their team and also had trouble with some of their fans on holiday in the past too. Hate them mate.

Oh and they where the first team I seen beat us in a cup final as well.


Fair enough :wink:


0-0 at HT.


There’s a poignant bit in Fever Pitch about the 72




Nice finish!


That current top 3 is insanely close! Two points separating 1st and 3rd. This is what you call a title race!!


Unless Watford have been relegated wrong thread :wink:


Norwich face Rotherham so can’t see them dropping points.