Football League thread


Championship is pointless today.

Big East Midlands derby on Monday night. Massive


East Midlands>>>>>>>>West Midlands, tbh.


Goal galore today. 34! Norwich come back and win. Leeds don’t give up though, as they beat Bolton 2-1. Boro win as well, but it is probably too late to finish in the first 2 places. Birmingham-Blackburn 2-2, Brentford-Hull 5-1, Millwall-Preston 1-3, Reading-Rotherham 1-1, Sheffield Wednesday-Swansea 3-1, Stoke-Aston Villa 1-1 and Wigan-Ipswich 1-1. Big match between WBA and Sheffield United now.
Sheffield United up at HT.
1-0 Sheffield United FT. They are 2nd now.


That’s a massive win for Sheffield United, we have a pommy bloke at work that’s a Sheffield United fan, he’ll be beaming tomorrow morning.


They displace Leeds. I hope Leeds and Sheff Utd get automatic and Norwich fall out. 3rd placed teams hardly win the play-offs anyway


Nottingham-Derby today. Bring it on!


East Midlands motherfuckers. I hope they both lose.


All about the West Midlands.

As the old saying goes west is best, east is the least




One of the most passionate, hate-filled derbies in the country. At least theyve won stuff. Unlike Wolves. F’ckin Fairs cup. Shove it up yer black country arse


I am watching this!


Your hate for the West Midlands is real lol!




Yes! 1-0 forest!


Man in the mask.


1-0 Forrest

Unbelievable miss from Derby here!


More entertainment in the first 20 mins of this game than there were in 4 hours of football yesterday


It’s the East Midlands baby!




Facundo Sava ?