Football League thread


I don’t want Norwich back in the top flight, they bore me and don’t offer much IMO.


They are the epitome of a annoying yoyo club. Somehow manage to constantly get into the EPL only to go down about 2 seasons later, then come back up…rinse and repeat.


Another Arsenal defender injured… Bielik… :smile:


ouchies…fan will be sued for assault.




There are only so many decent clubs out there. Always gonna have a couple of shit house clubs like Norwich making up the numbers.


Norwich are needed in the Prem tbh. They’re an interesting club with a distinctive history and brand with a great support. More respect needed here

Plus an away day is only two hours from Liverpool street with Carrow Road 10 min walk from Norwich Station


No they’re not. They’ve been out of it far more than they’ve been in it. There isn’t a great deal of difference between them and a couple of dozen other clubs.

They’re yellow though. I’ve always sort of liked that.


Fair enough.

I just think it’s interesting to have the biggest club from each region in the top tier


Depends what your interest is really. As a (former) away day regular, Carrow Road is a nice ground to go to and Norwich is a nice city to visit, albeit far from where I live/d.

I’ve mostly ranked these clubs on the away day experiences and Norwich scores well enough for me.

There was a time not long ago where we had Wigan (dull bowl), Bolton (dull bowl by a motorway) and Middlesboredom (dull bowl across the river from a sewage plant) all in the Premier League


Bolton-WBA today.


“Argos has everything and I’ve never seen this in my life before” :laughing:


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Gonna have to just delete posts I see them in. You might need a new source man.


C’ntley C’nt has signed for Derby County.

He’s 38


Ok, not gonna post it anymore. My time here is over, then :frowning:




Still alive? :smile:


Leeds win coming back from 1-0 down and go 3 points clear off the top, as Norwich draw against Sheffield United. Villa, Blackburn, Nottingham and Preston win as well.


Swansea-Birmingham and Bolton-Reading today.
Both draw.

Preston-Derby today.
0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.


Birmingham beating Forest 1-0. FFS