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Only 0-0 FT.


@Gio get yourself one of these babys! :face_vomiting:


Guess you could say, it takes balls of steel to wear those shirts :wenger:


Lampard vs. Terry is 0-0 at HT. Middlesbrough, Birmingham, Swansea, Preston, Millwall, Brentford and Ipswich are up, instead. Stoke and Rotherham draw.


This forum needs a dislike button what the actual fuck. I saw a milan/Inter one once at the derby, fucking disgusting.

I’d literally rather wear an inter/Utd shirt than a half and half piece of shit like that. Same goes with half and half scarves. I did get one when we played arsenal in the champions league 2012 at the emirates just for having a soft spot for arsenal, it’s on my wardrobe now but would never wear in public.


Norwich 3-3 Milwall looks like a cracker.


Terry destroys Lampard and Aston Villa go into the playoffs zone. Norwich keep impressing. They were losing 3-2 until '92, they won 4-3 in the end. But Middlesbrough don’t give up. 2-0 to Wigan. Swansea, Preston and Q.P.R. win as well. Birmingham-Hull 3-3, Blackburn-Rotherham 1-1, Nottingham-Stoke 2-2 and Reading-Ipswich 2-2. WBA-Leeds now.
As expected, Bielsa has collapsed. 4-1 WBA FT.



No, the Championship is just weird. Look at this circle of results:

Derby County 1-4 Leeds United

West Brom 1-4 Derby County

West Brom 4-1 Leeds United


Ok, but you have to admit Bielsa has run out of fuel recently after a great start :wink:



wow sunderland are in trouble, wasnt long ago they were in the epl. Wonder if they could end up being bankrupt.


What does going bankrupt even mean for a football club?


They have a new owner.


Sometimes that can make things worse, look at the owners of blackburn the Venkys…bloody terrible.


It seems to be going alright so far to be fair. The new owner, Stewart Donald, has been on a proper charm offensive since taking over – sitting with away fans at games, bantering off Newcastle fans, making himself available and approachable (including on Twitter), often does meet and greets etc.

He’s trying to be ever present and has invested quite a bit already. He’s done a decent enough job with Eastleigh and Oxford, so I think Sunderland fans can feel semi confident that they’re on the right sort of track.


Ipswich and WBA play tomorrow.
2-1 WBA FT.

1-0 WBA

2-0 WBA

2-1 Ipswich


Rotherham and Sheffield United play at 12:30.


It’s strange that West Brom and Middlesborough are on the same points but the goals for and against are very different.

West Brom--------------39-----26-----31


Yeah, it’s as if one of them has Tony Pulis managing them…