Football League thread


Read there was a very long injury time.



Looks like Bolton fc are in trouble again


They have been a bit unlucky with their owners recently. They would go bankrupt for the second time in the last 6 years.


Thierry Henry odds on to be the next Villa manager :drooling_face:

Who? What? Why? When? How? Why?!?!


Quality match between Leeds and Brentford going on


The penalty Brentford were awarded is hilarious, the guy was on the follow before any contact was made!


Yeah he was halfway to the floor before any contact was even made. Yet another example of player manipulation. Compare that pen to the one Lacazette wasn’t awarded last week. The one that was a clear pen wasn’t given simply because the player didn’t make a meal of it.


Brentford are throwing too many points away. They should top the table by now.

The other results at HT:

Birmingham - Rotherham 2:0
Middlesbrough - Nottingham 0:0
Millwall - Aston Villa 1:1
Norwich - Stoke 0:1
Preston - Wigan 1:0
QPR - Derby 0:1
Sheffield Utd - Hull 0:0
Swansea - Ipswich 1:2
West Brom - Reading 0:1


Final results:

Birmingham - Rotherham 3:1
Middlesbrough - Nottingham 0:2
Millwall - Aston Villa 2:1
Norwich - Stoke 0:1
Preston - Wigan 4:0
QPR - Derby 1:1
Sheffield Utd - Hull 1:0
Swansea - Ipswich 2:3
West Brom - Reading 4:1

Sheffield United leading the table alone. WBA are second, with Stoke on a good run atm. Bolton-Blackburn now. Blackburn up at HT.


Big win for Forest, that.

Boro hadn’t conceded a goal at home before today


Blackburn win 1-0 in the end.



Bristol City-Sheffield Wednesday today.
2-1 Sheffield FT.


Sheffield Wednesday vs. Middlesbrough should be a good game.
0-0 at HT.


Adam Reach seems to be having a Championship goal of the season competition with himself


Middlesbrough win 2-1. Great away win for them.

1-0 Middlesbrough

2-0 Middlesbrough

2-1 Sheffield Wednesday

Lol at this!


Told you @Phoebica. Leeds have run out of fuel.


Don’t worry, there are plenty of petrol stations in Leeds :grin:


Blackburn beat Leeds 2-1.