Football League thread




Sheffield and Bristol up at HT.
Both games finish 1-1.

1-0 Sheffield. What a fucking golazo!

1-1 Leeds. Another great goal!

1-1 Aston Villa


Middlesbrough don’t take advantage of Leeds’s draw and are still 0-0 against Hull. WBA and Brentford draw as well, while Swansea, Bolton, Ipswich and Sheffield United win. Blackburn-Nottingham 0-0 and Norwich-Wigan 0-0.
WBA leading the table after beating Preston 3-2, as Middlesbrough only draw against Hull. Sheffield United win so they are 2nd. Brentford draw. Norwich climbing the table. 1-0 to Wigan. Birmingham-Ipswich 2-2, Blackburn-Nottingham 2-2, Bolton-Derby 1-0 and Swansea-Q.P.R. 3-0. Ora Rotherham-Stoke City.
2-2 FT. Shame because Stoke were losing 2-0.


Hull City v Leeds United on Sky tonight


Midweek’s fixtures today and tomorrow.
Leeds have run out of fuel. Only 0-0 at HT against Hull. Middlesbrough are up, instead. Stoke and Aston Villa win as well. All the others draw.
Leeds win in the second half so they are back to the top along with Middlesbrough. Stoke and Q.P.R. also win, while Villa, Brentford and Swansea draw.


Nice to see the police focus their attention on the real criminals for once


Bruce’s time at Villa is almost up, as he is going through a torrid spell.


what an obscure thing to have with you. Imagine the thinking behind it, either taking it from home with that in mind or on the way to the match stopping off in the local shop and buying it thinking ‘yeah this is for Steves head’…its just so so random. What next mourinho outstaying his welcome gets slapped with a whole fresh salmon.



First the cabbage and now the sack. He’s certainly going through a rough patch… (:flushed: sorry, that was the best cabbage joke I could come up with on the spot)


:gabriel: :arteta:


Just like when Graham Taylor failed to turnip for England.



Leave the jokes to the experts, yeah? :hipster:


About time. The new owner didn’t even want him to stay when he bought Villa.


Managers like Bruce are more routinely failing these days (Warnock is a freak). I don’t think we’ll see managers like him get many more chances for clubs like Villa who can’t afford to be fucking around in the Championship for any more than a season.


WBA 2-0 down against Sheffield Wednesday. Nottingham up as well, while all the others draw.


Floodlight failure at Forest.

How’s that for alliteration?


You need turnip this in the bud before it gets out of hand.


The way Villa were leek-ing goals, the writing was on the wall


Great comeback from WBA to draw 2-2 in the end. Sheffield United win though so they reach Leeds and Middlesbrough at the top. Derby-Norwich 1-1, Nottingham-Millwall 2-2 and Rotherham-Bristol City 0-0.


Fux ache Forest :rage: