Football League thread


I think Blackburn and Bolton are even 12th/13th on the all time table. With that I mean since the inception of English competitive football since 1888/89 and not just Premier League. Those are institutions.


Blackburn won the title in 1995, tbh.


Must say, got to admire your absolute dedication @Luca_from_Italy to providing so many updates on Football scores across so many different leagues each weekend. I don’t know how it’s humanly possible though, but then again, we all know you’re not human :wenger:

One team that I think will be worth keeping an eye this season on is Sheffield United. They did pretty well last season but somewhat faded towards the end. With more experience, I think they can reach play offs this season. Chris Wilder is a very decent manager.


I remember Blackburn beat us 4-3 the year they went down. Summarizes Wenger’s final years in a nutshell.


Just using many windows at the same time. It’s not that difficult :wink:


Birmingham-WBA today.


How have WBA been doing so far? Haven’t followed


Not bad. 4 points off the top. They’ve had a few decent results, they beat the favourites - Stoke, and they beat QPR 7-1! They had a 4-3 win at the start of the season too. So they’ve been one of the league’s entertainers. Never thought i’d say that about West Brom, lol.


Quite well compared with Stoke. Think they more used to the Championship than them.


Darren Moore comes across as quite a likeable fella, too!


1-1 at HT.

1-0 Birmingham

1-1 WBA

1-1 FT.


Leeds a bit on the rope atm, as they are drawing 0-0 against Millwall. Middlesbrough draw as well, while Brentford are winning. They would be just 1 point behind the top. Stoke, Q.P.R. and Hull up as well. Bristol City-Sheffield United 0-0, Preston-Reading 1-1, Rotherham-Derby 0-0 and Swansea-Nottingham 0-0.
First defeat for Middlesbrough, with Leeds just avoiding it in the dying seconds of the game. These results allow Bristol City and Brentford to reach the 2nd spot. Shocking defeat for Derby as well, while Stoke are still struggling. 2-2 against Sheffield Wednesday. Ipswich losing again against Hull. Reading and Q.P.R climbing the table, instead. Swansea-Nottingham 0-0. Blackburn-Villa now.
0-0 at HT. 1-1 FT.


Midweek’s fixtures today and tomorrow.
The battle between Leeds and Brentford goes on. WBA getting closer to the top. Aston Villa and Wigan up as well. Derby-Blackburn 0-0 and Stoke-Swansea 0-0.


Stoke v Swansea is a tight, keely contested game of chess in front of a stadium of, well, a fair few people.

Well worth paying my sky subscription for


See what i mean @Bl1nk ?

West Brom are the top scorers in the Championship, but they’ve also let in the same amount of goals as the team at the bottom of the league :smile:


Brentford draw in the end so Leeds increase their lead at the top thanks the 3-0 against Preston. Aston Villa back to the winning way. Wigan, Stoke and WBA win as well. Derby-Blackburn 0-0.


Amazing :smiley: They should be televised more


And Leeds with Bielsa have the best defence in the league :grinning:. They have only conceded 5 in 8 games.


Yeah, hopefully they can keep it up. I got quite good odds at the start of the season on them winning the league


Didn’t you have money on Wolves winning it last season also ?