Football League thread


Lol at Sunderland! Their miserable run continues :rofl:. Stupid penalty to concede though.


You don’t usually play League One goals Luca. Are used you expanding your business? :grin:


Just a starter before the big boys :kos2:


Marchin’ on together :sunglasses:


2-1 Sunderland FT.

1-1 Sunderland

2-1 Sunderland


I don’t think Paul Clement is a fan of Darren Bent… :laughing:



1-0 Ipswich

WBA down against Bolton!

1-1 Blackburn

Ahahah! Fucking Pulis losing 2-0 to Millwall. Please with that!

1-1 Wigan

1-1 WBA. Golazo!


Middlesbrough 2-0 down against Milwall. The Lions begin from where they left last season. Bristol, Brentford, Blackburn and Wigan up as well. WBA, Birmingham and Preston draw, instead.
Middlesbrough come back and draw 2-2 in the end. WBA lose, instead. Brentford thrash the newly-promoted Rotherham. Preston and Wigan win as well. Birmingham-Norwich 2-2 and Bristol City-Nottingham 1-1. Sheffield United-Swansea City now.


It was all going on at the Stadium of Light… :see_no_evil:


Swansea 0-0 at HT.
2-1 Swansea FT. Good win for them.


Stoke-Leeds today.


Did anyone see West Brom’s new mascot yesterday? They opted for white goods as opposed to an animal. Boiler Man…

And here he is warming up:laughing:


Deserved to lose just for this :facepalm: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Leeds, Leeds, LEEDS!



Leeds leading!


Bielsa has ice in his veins!


Leeds have been all over Stoke, should be up by more! They are going to be entertaining this season.

I’ve actually put a bet on them winning the league… which was probably a tad optimistic, but they were a decent price compared to odds on favourites Stoke!


Leeds have had false dawns before. Last season they started well, too.

Having said that, it’d be nice to see the likes of them and Forest in the Premiership next season


Leeds up at HT.


Lol you always post half time scores before it’s actually half time :smile: