Football League thread


Bielsa in England should be a great watching :mustafi:


Tenth manager since 2014. Hope he goes the way of the rest. Cost them more money too. Fuck the yorkshire inbred cunts. Onwards and downwards.


That’s what you get for not getting promoted. Villa’s future is in jeopardy.


Leeds appoint Bielsa as manager. That should be very interesting lol


Lol! Such a weird move!


The Championship starts today with Reading-Derby.


Quite the glamour tie to kick the season off


Be interesting to see how Frank Lampard gets on. I have a feeling he’ll be a decent appointment.

Derby have recruited well too, so can see them making the playoffs.


Böðvarsson having a stinker, Such limp target man play

Fair play to him! Great header


0-0 at HT.


Maybe we should do this…


Vito Mannone is still dog shit!


Fat Frank gets a fat win


Derby win 2-1.

1-0 Reading

1-1 Derby

2-1 Derby


This from Bielsa :ok_hand:



Lol. Bielsa is a legendary manager? The ignorance on that island of you all really has no boundaries.


Ignorance, lol. What’s the problem? Legendary doesn’t necessarily mean great. It can mean remarkable or well known. It can be someone who is respected and admired.

For example, Pep said Bielsa was the best in the world based on the influence he has had on his career.

It’s a massive coup for the Championship to have him.


He’s a cult figure. Not a legend. He dropped to a lower level because he has the reputation of very hard to work with. It’s not a coup rather than him making himself an undesirable option for bigger clubs.


Well it is. People are interested in Leeds again. They’re getting a lot of press because of their manager. There is a Premier League feel around the club again. Leeds fans are excited about having him!

You might not like him, but he is a respected coach – many people have atested to this (I think i’ll trust Pep and Poch et al on this, rather than you, no offence). He has inspired many people – whether you like it or not! And calling him a legend is not ignorant.

Sure he hasn’t enjoyed much success lately and there will be bumps in the road and question marks about whether he’s still capable, but it’s a positive appointment and a coup for Leeds to tempt him.

This basically sums up my thoughts.


Sunderland down 1 already :man_facepalming: